IT at the Heart of Digital Transformation

By Communication Square | Digital Transformation

Mar 24

Statistics indicate massive growth in number of users of mobile and digital devices. Trends represent the digital shift our society is undergoing, and thus having an acute impact on the business world. Every company in every industry around the world is now facing a challenge to transform from being an organization that uses digital technology, to being a digital organization.

Digital Transformation

With mobile devices outnumbering the people who use them, it seems like everyone is a technologist to a certain extent. But inside companies, it is still IT professionals who are best in position to turn technology into an engine for growth, transformation and opportunity.

With an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape, Security must be top of mind for us all. We must outpace evolving threats and provide countermeasures that protect the corporate network on every front and every device.

Keeping the current trends in mind Microsoft has introduced various gadgets to help facilitate the process of Digital transformation. Windows 10 Enterprise features great security capabilities like Windows Hello, Credential Guard and Device Guard; which help IT professionals to secure the enterprise.

Perhaps nowhere we feel the need for transformation more acutely than in our interaction with data. We have reached a point in our industry where the collective power of technology exceeds that of the individual; where, in a matter of hours, a person can generate insights that previously would have taken days.

And yet, with the persistent expansion of data, employees delve in the chaos of where to focus their attention, the best means of analysis, and what actions to take in response? What we need are systems of Intelligence that can provide more of a big picture view when we are too focused on the details. That is why Microsoft is infusing Intelligence across Office with new capabilities such as for Word and Outlook.

IT professionals have a huge opportunity to lead their businesses through this exciting time. And to turn these disruptive Technologies into a supercharged engine; not just for growth, efficiency and opportunity, but for transformation and innovation as well. Contact us at communication square to get more information.


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