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MSP Tools used by Communication Square

Comprehensive Business Operations with Microsoft 365

Hello there! I’m the CEO of Communication Square, and today I’m excited to share how we leverage cutting-edge technology to supercharge our business operations and deliver unmatched services to our clients. Understanding the MSP Tools used by Communication Square that enhance your productivity and security is crucial as a business owner. So, I’m taking you behind the scenes to show you exactly what tools we use and how these can also transform your business operations.
Before we dive deep into each category, let's take a moment to understand why and how we've structured our toolset into five distinct sections. This categorization isn't just about organization—it's about strategically aligning our tools with our business processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive Business Operations with Microsoft 365: The cornerstone of our operational infrastructure, leveraging productivity tools for communication and document management.
  • Sales and Marketing Efficiency: Focuses on tools that enhance customer relationship management and marketing strategies to drive growth.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Features tools that ensure efficient management of customer inquiries and support, maintaining high customer satisfaction.
  • Operations and Workflow Integration: Highlights the use of tools for documenting processes, managing time, and automating workflows to maintain operational excellence.
  • Accounting, Billing, and Banking: Covers tools for financial management, including invoicing and expense management, ensuring smooth financial operations.

By segmenting our tools into these categories, we aim to provide a clear roadmap of how each tool contributes to specific aspects of our business. This structured approach not only simplifies management but also enhances our ability to scale efficiently and effectively. Now, let's prepare to dive into each section, starting with our comprehensive business operations MSP Tools used by Communication Square in Microsoft 365 in the next part of our series. Stay tuned!

Microsoft 365 Suite MSP Tools Overview 

At Communication Square, Microsoft 365 is foundational to our operations, enhancing our communication, document management, and overall productivity. Each tool within the suite is meticulously utilized to optimize efficiency and ensure data security across all levels of the company.

Microsoft Teams:

A central hub for our communications, Microsoft Teams supports messaging, video conferencing, and document sharing in real-time. This tool is essential for maintaining effective collaboration both internally and with clients, ensuring consistent synchronization across various projects.


SharePoint forms the core of our document management system, fortified with Azure Information Protection. This setup guarantees that sensitive documents are securely managed and shared, accessible only to those with proper authorization, which is critical for protecting client data and internal information.


Outlook is vital for our email communications and calendar management, providing a seamless experience across all devices and ensuring that our scheduling and correspondence are always current and coordinated.

Microsoft Lists:

Utilized for its robust tracking and organizational capabilities across different departments:

  • Sales Management: Sales teams use Microsoft Lists to keep tabs on government RFPs, tracking each one’s status—whether it's submitted, pending, or concluded—which aids in maintaining order and timeliness in our responses.
  • HR Payroll Management: Our HR department employs Microsoft Lists for payroll processing, organizing contractor and employee data that can be easily exported for integration with our payment systems, streamlining payroll execution efficiently.

Microsoft Bookings:

Deployed across various aspects of our operations to facilitate appointment scheduling and management:

  • Client Consultations: On our website, Microsoft Bookings enables potential clients to schedule meetings directly with our Microsoft technology specialists.
  • Email Integrations: Embedded within our email signatures, Microsoft Bookings provides quick access to personal and team calendars, simplifying the process of scheduling meetings directly from emails.
  • HR Recruitment: Used by HR for candidate interviews, Microsoft Bookings optimizes the recruitment process by allowing candidates to select interview times that align with their availability, enhancing the scheduling efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Copilot Studio:

These AI-enhanced tools, Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Copilot Studio, are transformative in our approach to routine tasks and custom solution creation. Copilot integrates directly into our Microsoft Office apps, allowing for real-time updates and data-driven actions, such as updating a customer's SharePoint folder when a proposal progresses, greatly enhancing our project management capabilities.

Microsoft To-Do:

Employed on a personal level by each team member, Microsoft To-Do helps manage individual tasks effectively:

Task Creation from Teams: Team members can generate tasks directly from Microsoft Teams chats.

Email to Task Conversion: Tasks can be created by flagging emails, which helps in prioritizing and managing email follow-ups.

Manual Task Entry: Users can manually enter tasks, set due dates, and organize daily responsibilities.

Cross-Platform Accessibility: Accessible via both mobile and desktop, allowing team members to stay updated on their tasks irrespective of their location.

By integrating these tools from the Microsoft 365 suite, Communication Square not only optimizes workflow but also ensures robust data security and enhances service delivery to clients. Each component supports our commitment to operational excellence, positioning us as a leader in the managed services sector. Next, we will explore how we utilize specialized tools to boost our sales and marketing efforts, further enabling our growth and client engagement.

Sales and Marketing MSP Tools Efficiency

In the realm of sales and marketing, efficiency is not just about doing more in less time—it's about maximizing impact through precision and personalized engagement. At Communication Square, we deploy a suite of sophisticated tools designed to streamline our sales processes, enhance our marketing strategies, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Proposify is vital for crafting compelling customer proposals. With a library of customizable templates—from company profiles to team resumes and detailed scopes of work—Proposify enables us to create tailored proposals that address specific client needs. This tool also allows us to include custom executive summaries, cover letters, and dedicated implementation plans. The ability to track which proposals have been opened by customers provides valuable insights into client engagement, helping us refine our follow-up strategies.


As our central CRM platform, HubSpot serves as the repository for all customer information. It collects data from various touchpoints and consolidates this into a single database, facilitating the management of customer relationships across the entire lifecycle. From tracking sales opportunities to analyzing closed, won, or lost deals, HubSpot's robust reporting tools enable us to set and monitor goals and targets for teams and individuals, ensuring alignment with our strategic objectives.

WordPress with Thrive Themes and RankMath:

Our website, powered by a self-hosted WordPress installation with Thrive Themes, is designed for flexibility and scalability. Thrive Themes provides us with the tools needed to build and manage dynamic content that engages visitors. Coupled with RankMath, we ensure our content is SEO-optimized, improving our visibility and driving organic traffic to our site.


For email marketing, MailChimp is our go-to tool. It enables us to design, send, and analyze email campaigns that are not only appealing but also highly targeted based on user behavior and preferences. This direct line of communication with our clients and prospects is crucial for nurturing leads and building lasting relationships.

Custom GPT Chatbot:

Our Custom GPT chatbot is an advanced tool that leverages AI to provide real-time assistance on our website. With over 300 pages of content, the chatbot helps both customers and team members retrieve information quickly and accurately, whether it's pulling up customer references or clarifying details on licensing.


WooCommerce manages our online store, where we offer a range of licenses and services for purchase. This platform integrates seamlessly with our backend systems, providing a smooth and secure shopping experience for customers.


To protect our digital assets from cyber threats, including DNS attacks, we rely on Cloudflare. It not only secures our websites but also ensures they load quickly and reliably, regardless of traffic spikes or geographical location.

By integrating these MSP Tools, Communication Square not only enhances its sales and marketing capabilities but also ensures that we can deliver personalized, efficient service to each of our clients. As we continue to evolve our toolset, our focus remains on leveraging technology to achieve better results and higher customer satisfaction. Next, we will explore how enhanced customer support is implemented through our innovative use of technology.

Enhanced Customer Support MSP Tools

At Communication Square, delivering exceptional customer support is paramount, and our suite of MSP Tools is meticulously chosen to uphold the highest standards of service. Each tool plays a critical role in ensuring that our responses are timely, accurate, and meet our service level agreements (SLAs).

Help Scout:

Help Scout is our primary tool for managing customer support tickets. It enables us to efficiently track and respond to customer inquiries, ensuring all SLAs are met. Each ticket culminates in a three-second customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey, providing immediate feedback on the customer's satisfaction with the resolution, which helps us continually improve our service quality.

ChatGPT Teams: 

While ChatGPT is used across various teams within our organization, it plays a particularly vital role in customer support. Our technical team members often possess deep understanding of the solutions but might not always excel in communicating complex information in writing. ChatGPT helps bridge this gap. By verbalizing their solutions to ChatGPT, the tool helps articulate detailed, clear, and professional responses that can be directly conveyed to customers or the sales team, enhancing clarity and understanding.

Microsoft Lighthouse:

Microsoft Lighthouse provides comprehensive management and monitoring of our clients' Microsoft 365 environments. It is instrumental in identifying and alerting us to potential security issues, such as phishing attacks or breaches, allowing our support team to swiftly notify the customer and take necessary preventative actions.

Microsoft Partner Center: 

As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, the Partner Center is crucial for both our sales and support teams. It facilitates the direct management of customer licenses and subscriptions, ensuring that all contractual elements are up-to-date and accurately reflected.


Loom is invaluable for creating quick, explanatory videos that address specific customer issues. Whether it's guiding a customer through setting up voicemail on their Teams account or demonstrating a feature, Loom's ability to share videos via a simple URL streamlines communication and enhances the support experience, making complex instructions easy to follow.

Through the integration of these MSP Tools, Communication Square not only upholds but continually elevates the standard of customer support we provide. By leveraging technology to enhance communication and problem resolution, we ensure that each customer interaction is efficient, effective, and leaves the customer feeling valued. Next, we will explore how we integrate operations and workflow through advanced automation and process management MSP Tools.

Operations and Workflow Integration

In our quest for operational excellence at Communication Square, we understand the critical importance of robust process management and precise time tracking. Our toolkit for operations and workflow integration ensures that our business is efficient and our team members are aligned with our strategic goals.

Process Street:

 Process Street serves as our operations manual. It enables us to meticulously document every procedure within the company, from onboarding new employees to detailed step-by-step guides for responding to RFPs or setting up Microsoft Teams phone systems for clients. This documentation ensures that our operations are not dependent on any single employee but are standardized and can be consistently executed by anyone in the team, thereby maintaining quality and continuity despite personnel changes.


 Clockify is utilized across all departments to track time spent on various tasks and projects. This tool is instrumental in analyzing how employees allocate their time, which in turn helps us understand productivity patterns and identify areas for improvement. Clockify's detailed reports feed into our bi-annual performance reviews, aiding in objective assessments and helping guide employee development strategies.


We rely on Indeed for our recruitment needs. It is our primary platform for job postings, attracting a wide range of candidates. Indeed allows us to efficiently screen and shortlist potential hires by their resumes and responses, streamlining the hiring process.


For initial assessments of potential candidates, we use TestGorilla. This platform helps us ensure that applicants meet our specific requirements before moving forward in the interview process, saving time and resources in selecting the right candidates for various roles within our company.


LinkedIn is our chosen platform for social media engagement. It allows us to share case studies, celebrate team achievements, and discuss how we help businesses across the US. LinkedIn has proven effective in enhancing our visibility and engaging with both potential clients and industry peers.

By leveraging these tools, Communication Square not only streamlines its operations but also enhances team performance and maintains a high standard of service delivery. These systems allow us to operate a well-oiled machine, where processes are clear and performance metrics are continuously optimized. As we move forward, we remain committed to utilizing technology to its fullest extent to ensure that our operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

Accounting, Billing, and Banking

At Communication Square, our approach to financial management involves using a variety of platforms, each chosen to optimize various aspects of our financial operations and ensure compliance with our core objectives. Our commitment to leveraging the best available technology drives our continuous exploration and adoption of effective financial tools.


RAMP serves as our dedicated expense management platform for direct costs related to customer projects. The sales team utilizes RAMP exclusively for purchases that are directly resold to customers, such as licenses and hardware. This specific use allows us to accurately track and manage the cost of gold, ensuring that these expenses are clearly delineated from operational costs.


For internal company expenses, we rely on BREX. This platform covers everything from marketing and operations subscriptions to travel and support expenses. BREX is also utilized for payments to 1099 contractors and for transferring funds between subsidiaries, which aids in processing payroll efficiently. This clear separation ensures that we have a detailed understanding of our internal operating expenses, aiding in financial analysis and planning.


Following its acquisition by Bill.com, Divvy now handles employee reimbursements and occasional non-operational expenses such as gifts. This platform is especially useful for managing discretionary spending that falls outside of regular operational costs, providing an additional layer of financial oversight.

Chase and Bank of America:

Our primary banking relationships are with Chase and Bank of America. These institutions handle our core banking needs, including credit facilities and transactional banking. Utilizing these established banks allows us to securely manage cash flow and maintain liquidity across all aspects of our business.


WaveApps, our chosen accounting system, offers functionality similar to QuickBooks but has been our tool of choice due to its user-friendly features and robust capabilities. We manage all financial aspects of our primary US office and subsidiaries through WaveApps, ensuring that transactions are properly categorized, reconciled, and audited annually. Its integrated payment acceptance features streamline the invoicing and payment processes, making financial management smoother and more efficient.

By integrating these specialized financial tools into our operations, Communication Square ensures that our financial management is as precise and effective as our services. These tools not only help us maintain detailed financial records and compliance but also enhance our ability to analyze financial data, leading to better strategic decisions. As we conclude this section, we prepare to delve into the final aspect of our tool integration, focusing on security and compliance to protect our data and client interactions.

Security and Compliance

In ensuring the security and compliance of our operations at Communication Square, we deploy a series of robust MSP Tools designed to protect sensitive information and manage device and data integrity meticulously.


LastPass is our essential tool for password management. By centralizing password storage, we ensure that no passwords are shared through insecure channels like email or chat. Passwords are categorized by team and shared in read-only mode, preventing departing employees from retaining access to our systems.

Microsoft Intune:

Intune plays a crucial role in device management across our organization. It allows us to securely manage both company-owned and personal devices, ensuring that all company data on these devices is fully protected. Intune's capabilities include remote wiping of corporate data to safeguard privacy while respecting personal boundaries.

Defender for Business:

Microsoft Defender for Business provides comprehensive anti-malware and antivirus protection across all our devices, ensuring that potential threats are neutralized before causing harm.

Azure Information Protection: 

Used in conjunction with SharePoint and Teams, Azure Information Protection ensures that all customer documents and sensitive information are securely managed. Rights management MSP Tools prevent unauthorized access to documents, even if they are moved or copied outside the company network.

Azure Virtual Desktops:

Azure Virtual Desktops provide a cloud-based computing environment where all work-related resources and files are accessed. This setup not only simplifies the provisioning of new workspaces but also enhances security during employee onboarding and offboarding, ensuring that no data resides on local devices.

At Communication Square, transparency is the cornerstone of our operations. We believe in being open about our practices not only to foster trust but also to ensure that our clients are confident in our ability to protect their data. By implementing these security measures, we guarantee data privacy and protection, ensuring that our client's information is safeguarded while optimizing our operational efficiency and productivity. This commitment to security and transparency is integral to our promise of delivering exceptional service and maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

With this comprehensive overview of the tools and strategies we employ across different facets of our business, it's clear that Communication Square is dedicated to excellence in managed services, ensuring efficiency, security, and productivity are at the heart of our operations.

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