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Syncing Data with Microsoft OneDrive on Mac

Data is super important for every professional task. Our day-to-day work mostly deals with data, whether for completing your thesis or managing the workplace's financial, managerial, or even personal data. Nothing is worse than losing or hacking data, right? 

Cleaning macOS purgeable space sometimes is a whole challenge. But following the instructions via this link saves time and effort. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Office Suite's OneDrive, a cloud storage service, is always the safest option to store and retrieve data easily for Mac users. That is why it synchronizes much better than iCloud and is not limited to just Apple devices. 

Today we will help you with how to add OneDrive to Mac and prepare some tips. 

What is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is the best cloud storage service that lets users save files, photos, and other documents to multiple devices, like computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It can access files from anywhere worldwide via an internet connection. Do you know? OneDrive uses strong encryption, so you have less reason to worry about data loss or hacking. It is a part of the Microsoft 365 Office suite. As a result, it effortlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, and services, enabling real-time document editing and collaboration. 

Most of us have mistakenly deleted important files! No worries! OneDrive uses a two-step deletion process that stores the trash in the recycle bin for 30 days before it is permanently deleted. You have the option to go back and restore it at any time during this period. 

This cloud storage's cross-platform synchronization system is so flexible that it connects with any device, whereas iCloud only permits users of Apple devices. Users frequently search for dependable storage options for setting up OneDrive on Mac.

Benefits of using Microsoft OneDrive on Mac

You may look over the details above to see how OneDrive features compete head-to-head with some of Apple's best cloud data storage products for macOS. If you look at the benefits for Mac users, it rises to the top of your list. 

  • Robust security. Microsoft is reliable at securing data. No need to worry if your Mac crashes, accumulates space, becomes infected with viruses, or is stolen. Its two-factor authentication and advanced sharing controls keep all important files safe and secure.

  • Easy collaboration. It facilitates real-time collaboration on files and documents with others. So that it is simple to receive feedback, edit, and finalize tasks effectively. 

  • Simple file sharing. File sharing is so easy with this app and, at the same time, encrypted with a unique key. Just select a file and click on the share button. 

  • Data backup. It automatically backs your Mac's documents, photos, and videos into folders. The files are even protected in the event of a hard drive failure. 

  • Offline Access. When you mark a file or folder for offline access while not connected to the internet, the changes will sync between the devices when you reconnect to the internet.

How to Sync Data with OneDrive on a Mac

Now that we have safely arrived at our main topic—how to synchronize data with OneDrive on a Mac—let us move on. 

Step 1: Download and install OneDrive 

  • Before using it for Mac, open your Mac's App Store and search for OneDrive. 

  • Start downloading for free with a 5 GB storage limit, or purchase Microsoft 365 Office Suite and get 1 TB of storage.

  • Now it is ready for use on Mac. 

Step 2: Log in

When you have a Microsoft account, you can easily connect to OneDrive. 

  • Launch the app and click the Sign-In button at the top of the page.

  • A Microsoft account sign-in page appears, where you fill in an email address and password with your Microsoft account credentials. You can sign up for free if you do not already have an account.

  • Select Sign in. 

Step 3: Setting up OneDrive on your MacOS

  • When you think of OneDrive, it has a default location. That is the folder that appears on the screen. Click Change location, then choose where you want files to be saved. 

  • Then select the folder and click Next.

  • Select the Mac folders you want to synchronize.

  • Congrats! You're done! Click the My OneDrive Folder link to see the files synced.

Step 4: Sync your data

Mac users have two options to sync files from Teams or SharePoint. These apps create shortcuts to libraries and folders on OneDrive, or simply use the sync button on the library.


  • Start Microsoft 365 Office Suite and navigate to Teams or SharePoint. 

  • Select Documents or the folder to sync. Select Sync. Allow a few more seconds to sync, and the check mark will turn green. 

That's how the data is synchronized from your Mac to OneDrive.

Some tips and tricks for resolving typical OneDrive synchronization issues On Mac

Microsoft OneDrive is a secure and hassle-free dedicated data storage solution. But sometimes, it allows users to face synchronization issues. 

We have provided expert advice on resolving sync issues below. 

  • When OneDrive doesn't sync properly, it's better to exit the system and sync it again. It would be an easy fix. 

  • If you have a premium subscription but are still unable to sync large numbers of files at once on your Mac, you need to compress the file. 

  • OneDrive's free version has limited storage, so it doesn’t sync everything. However, choosing which important folders you want to store manually is better. Otherwise, you can free up the purgeable space to fix One Drive sync problems.

  • What to do if OneDrive not syncing on Mac? The folders on your Mac do not automatically sync. Only the folders within the OneDrive folder do that. If you aim to keep things synced, put the files in there. 

  • If you open your Mac, files will not sync. They have to be synchronized while the app is open.

Final Words

If you use a Mac, you have access to a number of cloud storage options, including iCloud, iDrive, MEGA, and others. Generally, every Mac user uses the Microsoft Office suite for their productivity tasks, and OneDrive comes along at a very low cost. It is undoubtedly one of the best cloud storage options for Mac users. However, it does not always provide the best services. You may encounter syncing issues, which we hope the above guide and some tips assist you in resolving. 

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