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The Most Effective Online Resources to Write a College Essay that Deserves an A

Academic writing is constantly developing, and thanks to modern technologies, you can now write papers better and faster. Every seasoned writer with academic experience nowadays uses modern writing apps to enhance the creation of academic papers and editing. Today, we will talk about the most effective online resources to enhance your writing; some of these websites will help you proofread your paper, and others will help you with research and writing.

We recommend exploring every online resource on our list and integrating the most suitable ones into your writing toolkit. Modern apps make it much easier to select persuasive essay topics, edit papers, and conduct advanced academic research 

#1 Writing Style Resources

You probably don't know this, but according to statistics, professors often lower a paper's grade because formatting does not meet the guidelines. You can use the resources from our list to brush up on the basic guidelines and test your paper for compliance.

  • APA Style CENTRAL: The American Psychological Association has made this resource available in print, digital, and online formats. It serves as a comprehensive manual for creating and distributing works in accordance with APA style. 
  • The Associated Press Stylebook: This is an authoritative source on all subjects covered by AP style guidelines. This digital and printed reference is updated annually and serves as a bible for AP style. 
  • The Chicago Manual of Style: This online and printed handbook includes style guidelines and proper reference information. The website has a helpful question-and-answer section for more complex style questions. 
  • The MLA Style Center: This extensive online resource from the Modern Language Association offers frequently asked questions and advice on using MLA style correctly. The MLA Handbook is also available for purchase. 
  • The Purdue OWLA vast collection of writing materials, research, and citation tools for all the major style guides are available on this extensive website provided by Purdue University. Plus, there is no cost for any content on this website.

#2 Bibliography Generators

Some students find creating the bibliography as daunting as writing the essay. There are so many regulations on using parenthesis, italics, and that annoying period that they can make even the most experienced writer anxious. This is particularly the case when students must employ multiple style guides in their writing assignments.

Bibliography generators have become increasingly popular among students as a means to circumvent style manuals, which are nevertheless relied upon by some writers. Word to the wise: locate a trustworthy generator; otherwise, students may encounter problems with inappropriate styles or out-of-date procedures.

  • BibMe: Writers have the option of manually entering their sources or using this fully automated service, which searches for them and automatically completes the citation. BibMe supports Turabian, APA, Chicago, and MLA styles. 
  • Citation Machine: This application can generate bibliographies in four different forms Chegg offers APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian. 
  • EasyBib: Millions of writers have used EasyBib, one of the greatest and oldest online bibliography generators, using the APA, Chicago, or MLA style. 
  • North Carolina State University Citation Builder: This citation builder was made primarily for students at NCSU, but anyone with access to the Internet can use it.

#3 Services for Enhancing Your Writing

Even the most seasoned writers use writing apps to assist them. This is the last section of our article, but this section is critical for enhancing your writing skills. You probably know that academic experts catch most errors and typos while editing and proofreading. Human possibilities are limited, and you will likely miss a mistake in your writing. That’s why experts ask for help from professional beta-readers, but nowadays, everyone can access writing apps like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly; these apps will act as your professional editors.

  • EverNote: If you want to write a fantastic essay, there are many things you need to do first. EverNote, the ultimate list app, can help you with everything. 
  • GoogleDocs: An essential tool for any college student, Google allows users to store and edit documents on the cloud, making it ideal for students who need access to their work from various devices. 
  • Mendeley: Mendeley is an excellent tool for students who must keep track of all their PDFs and research papers to do their best work. 
  • Pro Writing Aid: Common mistakes writers make using this editing tool include overusing words, using ambiguous terminology, and using complex phrase constructions. 
  • Q10: Q10 is a program that can help you focus and get more done. Its full-screen interface allows you to set timers, create word count objectives, and more. 
  • Written? Kitten: This software displays an image of a kitten for every hundred words produced, perfect for the writer who occasionally needs a reward. Consider reading our article about Microsoft CoPilot AI-powered tools to enhance your business and academic writing skills even further!

The Bottom Line

Use modern tools to start writing your college papers significantly better. If you check every paper for compliance with the academic format requirements and proofread it using editing applications, your academic performance will improve quickly. Today's applications and online resources simplify work in almost any field, and academic writing is no exception.

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