Our Story
Since college, we started to realize that technology is on one hand makes our lives easier but for many it just snatch the true essence of their lives. People who have to stay late in offices just to finish their work because technology has it’s limits and right at that time they have to sacrifice their social life. Soon it becomes their lifestyle which we believe is not right.
In our journey, it’s not all about business but to educate people as well, that’s why we also offer free talks that how we all can make technology work for us rather than we work for them. In this journey, Microsoft helped us a lot and today we have more than 9 gold & 11 Silver awards as our competencies and more than 10 thousands of people using our solutions and we’re so glad that we have changed their lives by automating processes so now they don’t need to work late but go home on time and enjoy their lives with family and friends.
Our purpose is very simple but yet, hard to see in today’s busy life. We are getting too close to technology but yet, far from our lives. Our purpose is to create feasible environment to make everyone’s life easier than yesterday. Our core purpose is to make a great change on people’s lives and to achieve that dream, we share our knowledge and information without any cost. If anyone is keen to learn about it, he or she is welcome to join us.
To share knowledge, information and wisdom to ensure everyone on planet know how to make their lives easier.
In future, we are looking ourselves as partners of all humans to make their life better.
Reliability, Growth & Reliance.
The Brainiacs
Gold Cloud Productivity
Gold Collaboration and Content
Gold Communications
Gold Data Analytics
Gold Data Platform
Gold Datacenter
Gold ISV
Gold Messaging
Gold Windows and Devices
Silver Application Development
Silver Cloud Platform
Silver Cloud Productivity
Silver Collaboration and Content
Silver Communications
Silver Data Analytics
Silver Data Platform
Silver Datacenter
Silver Messaging
Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
Silver Windows and Device
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