Reynolds Logistics: Azure Data Center Migration

Company: Reynolds Logistics Ltd.
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Employees: 500
Overview: Reynolds Logistics’ Datacenters were migrated to Microsoft Azure Cloud through Communication Square’s Data Center on Cloud Solution.
Solution: Azure VMs.


“Cloud computing is all about delivering a variety of hosted services online, and Microsoft Cloud solutions are certainly the best out there,” says Favad Qaisar, CEO at Communication Square (Microsoft Gold Partner). Azure Data Center is a Microsoft-hosted cloud that allows you to store and manage your data online in the most secure way possible.

The industries-wide shift to the cloud is taking place because companies have realized they no longer need to manage high-cost data centers on premises. Throw in the fact that data center migration ensures data integrity, easy accessibility, and lower costs, and it’s no wonder everyone is making the switch!

Long gone are the days when hardware costs posed a threat and data processing was a nightmare. And hardware server maintenance no longer requires major budgetary considerations.

“Moving a data center to Azure Cloud has been the right move for Reynolds Logistics, UK. Their maintenance costs are way down, and they have a virtually 100% uptime guarantee with maximum control over their data.”

Favad Qaisar
Communication Square


Favad Qaiser


Reynolds Logistics Ltd. was named European Transport Company of the Year in 2012. It was the leading bulk logistics company in the transport of fuels, lubricants, bitumen, specialist liquids and hazardous goods throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

The amount of logistical documentation required to run such large operations was staggering. This lead to the storage of increasingly large amounts of data in their on-premises data centers in Ireland.

When management decided to split the operations into two divisions—Reynolds Logistics, UK and Reynolds Logistics, Ireland—there arose the need to sort through all the data, applications and services. In addition to the substantial amount of data that had to be processed, they had to ensure that the correct data was sent to the correct division. Additionally, an entire new data center had to be built for setting up the applications, services and associated data for the new subsidiary.

It was at this point that they consulted Communication Square. There had to be a way to execute a smooth data center migration with minimal to ZERO downtime. That’s when the decision was made to utilize Azure’s IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service Platform) for their new data center setup.

“Once organizations decide that it’s time to leave behind on-premises servers and data centers, the cloud offers numerous options that cater to the unique needs of every client. All that’s required is a helping hand that can make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Favad Qaisar
Communication Square


Favad Qaiser


The idea of Cloud Solutions for data center migration was pitched to Reynolds Logistics higher management. It was met with great interest, but with so many different Cloud vendors out there, it was difficult to decide who they should go with. Not only did they want a trusted vendor, but a complete training program that supported the entire transition. It soon came to light how well Microsoft was doing in this area, along with the excellent services provided by its Gold Partners. This lead management to reach out to the consultants at Communication Square.

“The great thing about working with Reynolds Logistics UK was that their CEO, Andrew Reynolds had a very clear idea about what they wanted Cloud Solutions to do for them,” said Mr. Qaisar, when asked about the Reynolds Logistics, UK Azure Project.

They decided to move about twelve servers to Microsoft Azure, including domain controllers and Skype for Business servers. This decision was based on the fact that Azure is the perfect platform to ensure the continuity of business operations during data center migration. For Reynolds Logistics, UK’s migration to the Azure Cloud Data Center, Communication Square was able to give complete control of resources to the customer. Infrastructure could be added, modified or removed whenever needed, without any space, memory or processing limitations on the hardware nodes. Additionally, the entire process was much faster than having to update on-premises servers, with great flexibility in place for upgrades to elements like storage capacity and bandwidth.



There was no denying the huge cost benefits. The data center migration afforded Reynolds Logistics, UK a huge reduction in the manpower and maintenance costs associated with keeping on-premises servers up and running. And the automated backup options, data recovery services and 99.95% uptake time guaranteed by Microsoft made Azure Data Center the safe, reliable and cost-effective solution.

“I cannot explain how good it is to not have the meetings with the IT department, where they always needed more money for some hardware updates and I had to scratch my head to find if we had the resources for the kind of money they constantly kept wanting.” Andrew Reynolds Group CEO, Reynolds Logistics

The benefits of data center migration have become clear to organizations looking for a better way to manage their IT. With Microsoft Azure Cloud and the help of Microsoft Gold Partners like Communication Square and their Datacenter Migration Solution, businesses are learning exactly how secure, dependable and cost-effective their data center migration experience can be.

“I still remember when we were trying to figure out the whole split, and a Communication Square consultant walked up to me and said ‘there is a better way… give us a chance and data management can be so much better,’ and there has been no looking back since.”

Andrew Reynolds Group
Reynolds Logistics

Andrew Renolds.

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