Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune is a cloud based service that allows enterprises to manage mobile devices, PCs, and applications from the cloud, so that users can be more productive while protecting the company’s information. Using this, businesses have the amazing opportunity of providing their employees access to the relevant data and information, corporate applications, and also other resources from virtually anywhere, to almost all devices! And the best part, the security of this data is not at stake at all!

It is quite amazing to use whether you are a core IT person or simply an end user; whether you are sitting in the main office, at some branch office, are constantly on the road or in the field, Windows Intune is a one stop shop for everyone and can provide the exact functionality that you need.

Microsoft Intune 365

The Capabilities include:

  • Secures corporate data, including Exchange emails; based on the enrollment status of the device and also the compliance policies set by the administrator.
  • Provides a complete management solution through a single administrative console. It allows you to manage across a variety of devices, including PCs and laptops.
  • PC settings management & Mobile Device
  • Mobile application management
  • Mobile device selective wipe

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