November 15, 2016

Azure IoT Security

Security as a Concern

Businesses who are considering IoT, Cloud Solutions and the Security with those devices are anyone’s priority in the Management.  Microsoft understands this concern and hence provides industry standards for security. By the end of this article, the basic FAQS regarding privacy, security and compliance will be clear.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a trustworthy foundation which lays the basics for Azure IoT, supporting more than one billion customers in about 127 countries. Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) implementation caters the process for security needs; having a couple-lation with a host of defense operations center which includes areas like Security Response Center and Malware Protection Center.

Compatibility in Terms of Security

Second concern is usually in relevance to the compatibility in terms of Security. The IoT infrastructure from Microsoft Azure is secure for your Business because it offers the most comprehensive Cloud such as analytics, machine learning, storage, networking etc. with proven commitment to Security. A team known as “red team” comprised of software Security exists whose objective is to stimulate breaches, testing and protecting against threats that might be emerging and essentially recovering from these.

Global incident response teamwork exists in Microsoft who look after any malicious attacks and effects of these. Azure is Secure in the way because it provides intrusion detection, service attack prevention, rigorous penetration testing and tools that help to identify threats and devise a prevention strategy. There are additional layers of Security for end users. The additional layers like multi factor authentication for Cloud portal are there to offer access control, monitoring, anti-malware, configuration Management. And also detecting vulnerability.

Three Major Azure IoT Security areas for Security

Azure Io Suite takes advantage of the Security features built into its platform. It addresses Security in 3 major IoT areas which are as under-

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  1. Security of the device by providing an identity key which is unique for every device. The Azure IoT hub identity registry can securely store identities and key regarding any Solutions. It controls policies in the Cloud enable activation and deactivation just so you can disassociate a device from IoT deployment. In addition, the IoT infrastructure does not accept unsolicit network connections and hence the connection is only through well-known routes such as an Azure IOT hub with which they are compatible.
  2.  Security of the connection is ensured between devices and Azure IoTuite through encryption Technologies; such as TLS using X.509 based certificates which are standard. It also offers Durability of messaging between the Cloud and device through an existing system of acknowledgements. Messages are cached in the IoT Hub and are available for two days for commands. The industry standard https protocol along with Advanced Message Queuing Protocol is supported by Azure IoT. To enhance scalabity, it enables a connection that is secure to IP-enabled as well as non-IP-enabled devices.

End to End Security

Security of the Cloud is provided by in the form of end to end Data Security from the process of encrypted communications to processing Data. It provides the end user flexibility to implement additional layers of Security. The Azure Active Directory provides user authentication and authorization to provide a policy-based authorization model for Data in the Cloud; enabling easy, auditable and reviewable access Management. The  Security keys used by the IoT infrastructure are in the Cloud Storage which is secure. And the Data Security is in the way that you can define Security levels. Microsoft Azure hence provides ways to implement Monitoring and Auditing for any intrusion. Or unauthorized users so your Cloud is always safe. Contact us today or visit our website to get more information.

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