November 22, 2019

The Average Cost Of A Security Breach Is $3.5 Million.

Does Security Make A Difference To A Small Business Like Mine?

Office 365 security is vital to help protect your business. Today’s businesses rely on technology to not only perform daily functions, but to stay connected, informed and involved. Unfortunately, with these conveniences comes increased risk. No business is immune to cyber-attacks, but small businesses are especially vulnerable. The attack vectors, targets and damages concerning small businesses cannot be overstated. If your rug pulled out from under you and your data is taken or destroyed it can fold a small business. Many hackers consider the small businesses to be the ‘sweet spot’. 71% of attacks are targeting small businesses with fewer than 500 employees. And over 50% of small businesses have been attacked. You have to be protected against everything. Office 365 is the leading software to help protect your business data.

Cyber security concerns are not going away and only continue to grow. So, let’s talk about that. 
“Security is a process not a product.”  -Bruce Schneier

Your two biggest assets are your people and your data. And Microsoft is here to empower one and protect the other. And don’t think they are not connected. Having world class security gives employees the peace of mind to do their best work. What’s at stake?

The Challenge Of Securing Your Environment:

  • Creative and sophisticated attacks
  • Difficult to secure broad digital surface
  • Difficult, time-consuming and expensive

The Security Dilemma:

Threat Landscape For Small Businesses:

Let’s look at some numbers.

$3.5 MILLIONS. That’s the average cost of a breach. In fact, the cost of recovering from a breach is higher than protecting against one.

Do you know? 43% of breaches take place at small business 

Go Passwordless! The future is here for your Microsoft account, and it no longer requires a password! No more worrying about a breach happening to your business. This Free Inforgraphic will list everything that is potentially at risk and how to protect it. 

Here is another number for you.

80%. That’s the percentage of employees who admit to using non-approved software as a service app in their jobs.

Which leads us to another number.

160 MILLION. It’s how many records have already been compromised. I don’t think you want to add to that number.

And here is a critical one.

200 PLUS. That’s the average number of days that attackers reside within a victim’s network before detection.

Why? Because;

30% of users open emails from hackers.

63% of passwords are weak. And,

58% of users accidentally share information.

 Traditional security focuses on passive defence, but attacks are increasingly advanced perpetrated by cyber criminals. With each breach costing millions of dollars, passive defence needs to evolve. You need a different security posture to deal with these threats. So, what is Office 365 Security doing about these numbers?

Office 365 Security For Business:

Small business needs great collaboration tools, it needs great flexibility and it needs great security. That’s what 365 business is all about; combining those great three solutions into one package.

So, the great news for the users is that Mit 365 businesses is actually a combination plan. Best-in-class solutions into one single package! You and your employees can be more productive and work together with Office apps, email, cloud storage and a hub of teamwork. Microsoft is adding advanced security features to Microsoft 365 business to help businesses protect against cyberthreats and to safeguard their sensitive information.

Cyber Threats:

Office 365 Security Advanced Threat Protection:

It helps protect against phishing and ransomware attacks through a couple of capabilities, called safe links and safe attachments.

  • Sophisticated attachment scanning and AI-powered analysis to detect and discard dangerous messages.
  • Automatic checks of web links to assess if they are a part of a phishing scheme. This keeps you safe from accessing unsafe websites.
Windows Exploit Guard Enforcement:

The ability to set policies to further protect devices from ransomware and malicious websites at the device endpoints themselves.

Safeguard Sensitive Information:

Data Loss Prevention:

Deep content analysis to easily identify, monitor and protect sensitive information from leaving organisation.

Azure Information Protection:

Controls and manages how sensitive content is accessed.

Intune Availability:

Protecting data across devices with end to end device and app management.

Exchange Online Archiving:

Unlimited archiving and preservation policies to recover data or remain compliant.

Bit locker Enforcement:

Enforce policies to encrypt data on devices to protect data, if device lost or stolen.

Office 365 Always On Security:

  • Safeguard company data across PCs, phones and tablets.
  • Help protect against security threat
  • Enable solid security, with simplified management
Office 365 Security

Data is your company’s most valuable asset-by a long shot. At any moment you should know what data is sensitive and be able to control access to it. In this new digital world, where devices and users roam free, it’s even more important to have smart, adaptive security that doesn’t slow down productivity. The intelligent cloud offers to do security better.

If you are a small business owner and wants to know more about security and how to keep your company safe, talk to our tech advisors.

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