March 17

Microsoft Intune

In the current Business environment, many enterprise face Mobility challenges. The work requires that employees have endless accessibility and mobility. They don't want their work to be limited to their desk. They want to be Productive across a variety of devices with constant access to the applications that they need. To this end, Microsoft has upped its Cloud Service portfolio with the inclusion of Microsoft Intune to enable and empower Businesses to leverage the mobile device Management, mobile application Management and PC Management capabilities. By using Microsoft Intune, organizations can provide the employees access to Data, Resources and corporate Applications from virtually anywhere to almost all devices, whilst ensuring that the Data remains safe and secure.

Some of the Major Benefits That Microsoft Intune Affords Businesses are:

Choice of Multiple Devices

It helps provides employees with the ability to enroll, register and consequently manage their devices. It also helps to install corporate applications from the self-service Company Portal – all onto the device of their choice.

Unparalleled Management of Office Mobile Apps

It maximizes the Productivity by enabling organization's employees to have access to corporate resources within the Office mobile applications.

Data Protection

It helps keep Data safe based on device enrollment and compliance policies set by the administrator. No matter,whether the Data accessed is via the Exchange email, Outlook email, OneDrive for Business Documents or wherever.

Monitor Mobile Devices and Computers 

It helps crceate notification alerts whenever there is a problem with any device. It also have trigger E-mail notifications so that the right people are informed are immediately made aware of the problem.

No Infrastructure Required

It helps eliminate the need to plan, purchase, and maintain hardware and infrastructure because the mobile devices are easily manageable from the Cloud because of Intune.

Flexible licensing

The liscensing plans are based on per-user basis instead of on the number of devices so it doesnt really matter if an employee accesses 2 devices or 10. Enterprise Mobility Suite also contains intune;, an extremely cost-effective way to acquire Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium, and Azure Rights Management. The users can also get significant discounts, almost around 50%, when buying the suite over the standalone service.

Available in Multiple Languages

Microsoft has made sure the availability of Intune in more than 20 different languages to cater to a lrage and varied customer base.

Supports Multiple Mobile Operating Systems

It supports the Mobile device Management of Android, iOS, as well as Windows Phone devices.

Global Presence with 24/7 Support

With 24/7 support available with every Intune subscription to answers any questions or issues that may arise, all problems are easily resolvable.

Beside the aforementioned benefits of Intune, Microsoft also keeps adding improvements to Intune on a rolling basis. Therefore, you can certainly expect Intune to become even better with time. For more information about Intune, please feel free to Contact us at Communication Square as a Microsoft Gold Partner can offer you assistance in not only understanding the system. But it also helps in Deploying to enable users to take full Benefit from its multiple Features.

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