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Unified Communication Solutions; Communication Square is your One Stop Shop!


Business operations have changed quite a bit. Businesses have spread globally, with offices in many different locations, cities and even countries. Geographical boundaries no longer contain Businesses operations, and cannot survive in isolation. So they Interact and Collaborate with their environment and stakeholders to survive and succeed in a market where there is cut throat competition. Communication Square, the Microsoft Gold Partner, provides you with everything you need!

Unified Communication- Solutions Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

One way for companies to beat the odds is to develop a Communication System that can help them focus on real time relaying on information. An effectively efficient system that can help Collaboration and Communication between staff, regardless of their location. Something that will cater to the organization’s need to respond to multiple time zones. And can help in resolving issues that demand instantaneous response from a multitude of different people. These people can be inside and outside the organization and can be located at different places. And a system catering to these requirements could fast form an effective Competitive Advantage for an organization.

Responding to Communication needs is vital, but to ensure that the expense on this overhead minimizes without compromising on the quality is also a major concern.

Communication Square- Can Help You Take that Advantage

Once your Business decides to make the shift towards Unified Communication Solutions, our consultants at Communication Square have the most Optimal Solution to all of your needs.

We can help you design and deploy a full enterprise voice ‘Skype for Business’ Solution, integrated with Office 365  to improve your Communication practices.

Skype For Business- The Benefits it Can Offer You

This is an excellent replacement for the traditional telephony system that exists. Skype for Business transforms the way people Communicate within the offices, at field locations and pretty much anywhere. And it will eliminate the expensive mobile roaming charges. This will eventually help the staff to work flexibly, and at times remotely when needed. The reason behind that is they will be connected no matter where they are.

Skype for Business Solution does not only help the internal Communication. The federate nature of the Solution also helps Collaboration with external stakeholders. Now is no longer a need to rely on expensive audio and video conference facilities.  A click of the mouse creates Audio or video meeting of up to 250 participants ensuring  a secure and unified user experience.

The Communication is way better, and at far costs less . The estimations are that the United Nations Foundation has reduced their monthly conferencing service cost from $10,000 to $3,000. And that’s just one element of the system! You also save money on line maintenance, and more importantly all the hassle.

Microsoft Gold Partner!

Communication Square is Microsoft's Gold Partner because we take the minimum required time to design and deploy Unified Communication Solutions. Secondly always within the budget requirement of our clients. Throughout the process, our Team is responsive, helping Businesses adapt to new Solutions. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now and get your Business that extra something it needs to edge past all the Competitors.

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