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Universal Print integration with OneDrive

Back in 2020, Microsoft first announced Universal Print, a cloud-based print service that enables a simple, and secure print experience for users and helps reduce time and effort for IT. Well, it has happened! Microsoft announced support for Universal Print in OneDrive. Also, if you're not already using OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, start today. You will not regret it, I promise.

This integration is a major step towards cloud printing. Users can print their documents directly from OneDrive without having to download them or asking IT admins to install printer drivers on their organization-managed device. Without a feature like Universal Print, IT administrators would have to install printer drivers on devices. In organizations with many PCs or printers, Microsoft says that "the experience can range from annoying to completely unmanageable."

With Universal Print Integration with OneDrive, you can simply click on "Print" after selecting a document, select a Universal Print-capable printer, and trigger the task. Alternatively, if they'd rather use local printers instead, they can choose a different configuration accordingly as well. Although, of course, the Universal Print solution is preferable for organizations looking to host their printing capabilities on the cloud.

The Universal Print integration with OneDrive feature supports files like PDF, XPS, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. More file types will be added to this feature in the feature. This feature is supported on all browsers across different operating systems and device types.

 That's another strike by Microsoft making lives easier now, isn't it?

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