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Get detailed analytics for your business which can prove helpful in your decision-making processes. Microsoft Power BI is Business Intelligence tool empowering you to gain valuable insights on the trends, behaviors, predictions, and statistics with the help of reports gathered from hundreds of data sources. Along with the ability to utilize these reports in your organization on the web or on mobile devices from wherever and whenever you want.

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Better Decision Making
Businesses that use analytics are 93% better at walking away from a bad deal
High Performing Companies
50% of high performing companies are more likely to use analytics
Data Dividend Available
$1.6T to businesses that embrace data over the next four years
Organizations have used
Power BI across 185 Countries

Insights to Your Success

Fast, Efficient and Understandable Analytics

  • Azure Cloud-Based Service
  • Visualize Data with Charts and Graphs
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Pre-built Dashboards and Reports for Popular SaaS Solutions
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • Access Across all Operating Systems, Devices and Web
  • Natural Language Queries
  • Virtually Zero Down Time

Comprehensive Business Analytics Solution

  • Linking with Hundreds of Data Sources
  • Desktop Application for PCs
  • Mobile Application for Android and IOS
  • Cloud-Based Online SaaS Application
  • Synchronize External Data with Power BI Gateways
  • Embed Power BI Reports and Dashboards in External Applications
  • Store and Manage Localized Power BI Reports

Complete Ecosystem

Derive Value From Data

Securely Access, Manage and Share Sensitive Reports

  • Share Reports with Team
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication for Added Security
  • Access Control Management
  • Group-Based Rights Management
  • Exporting and Printing Restrictions
  • Mobile Alerts on Data Variation
  • User, Dashboard, and Tenant Management through Admin Portal

Microsoft Power BI Plans Comparison

 Power BIPower BI ProPower BI Premium
Connection to Hundreds of Data Sources
Visual Tools
Analyze and Build Reports with Custom Visualization
Publish to Power BI Service
Embed in Public Website
Dashboards to Deliver 360-degree Real Time Reports
Automatic Updating
Collaborate on Shared Data
Auditing on Data Acquisition and Utilization
Content Packaging and Distribution to Users with Apps
Allocate, Scale and Control Dedicated Capacity
Distribute and Embed Content without Purchasing Per-user Licenses
Publish Reports On-premises with Power BI Report Server
Unlock more Capacity and Higher Limits for your Pro Users
Price Free$9.99
per user / month
Capacity Pricing
per node / month

WhyCommunication Square!

Communication Square empowers you to drive success-oriented decision making with powerful analytical insights which Power BI offers. Our Microsoft Certified Consultants help you plan, deploy and manage the solution so you can gain maximum productivity with these tools.

WhatOur Clients Say

  • Reporting has never been this ease as it is with Power BI. We have been using Power BI for more than a year now and are completely satisfied with its rich reporting. The best thing about Power BI is that it almost integrates with anything and gives customized reports

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