Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics is an on-premises platform to help you protect your business from advanced targeted attacks by automatically analyzing, learning, and also identifying normal and abnormal user and entity behavior.

Employees these days use several devices across variety of locations to access a constantly changing set of resources. As a result this complex activity creates a blind spot in user behavior exposing your network to malicious attackers. Because of the user behavior blind spot, attackers have access to networks for a median of 243 days before getting discovered.  They cause enough damage to your network before you identify them. To overcome this problem, ATA came in to inroduction.

It is an intelligent technology that helps you to cope up with the changing nature of cybersecurity threats by analyzing entity behavior, it helps you identify advance targeted attacks so you can take useful steps before actual damage.

Setup is simple, there is no need to create rules, baselines or thresholds. Once after the detection of suspicious activity, intuitive attack timeline shows you exactly what happened and when did it happen, helping you quickly identify the real threats to your network.

The capabilities include;

  • Detect suspicious activities and malicious attacks with behavioral analytics
  • Adapt to the changing nature of cyber-security threats.
  • Focus on what is important with a simple attack timeline.
  • Mobility Support
  • Email Alerts
  • Seamless deployment
  • Reduce false positive fatigue

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