March 18, 2021

Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration Case Study

Executive Summary

Company: Reynolds Logistics Ltd

Industry:  Transportation & Logistics

Employees: 500

Overview: Communication Square proposed the migration from Cisco PBX to Skype for Business and finally to Microsoft Teams Migration for Reynolds Logistics to enhance their collaboration and Teamwork processes

Solution: Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration


Migrating from a system that employees have gotten comfortable with is quite a difficult decision for the management to make. Will a more efficient system make up for the cost and hassle of retraining staff to use it? Will the company still be able to do business during the transition? Most importantly, are unified solutions even worth it? Such questions make a lot of businesses assume that upgrades are a problem for another day, that they can be put off. And as those days pass, those companies fall further behind. As the technological shift continues its inevitable march across the business world, more businesses are discovering Microsoft Gold Partners like Communication Square LLC to seek expert guidance in PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration. This support ensures a seamless Teams migration, helping businesses stay competitive and future-ready. 

Communication Square LLC

Showing them that it’s easier than it appears is the most challenging part. Once they understand the process, it’s a smooth road ahead.

Favad Qaisar

This was a 3-step migration. The first part of the migration was completed back in 2016 when we deployed the On-Site Cisco CUCM with Skype for Business 2015 installed on-premises for a Unified Communications experience. IN 2017, Cisco CUCM was completely decommissioned, and Skype for Business became the primary communication platform for everything ranging from IM, Files Sharing, Phone Calling, Meetings and Video Conferencing.

In 2019, when Reynolds started extensively utilizing Office 365 and Microsoft Calling Plans, the hybrid system was setup with Skype for Business Online and all users were moved to the Cloud, their phone numbers also ported.

Finally, in 2020, Reynolds Logistics decided that they were ready to be moved from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams to utilize the wide array of tools like Voicemail, Call Queues and Response Groups set up in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. 


Migrations are a complex process as they involve managing an intricate set of configurations. To help the client upgrade from Skype for Business, our Microsoft Teams consultants provided thorough assistance with the Teams migration. To help the client upgrade from skype for business, our Microsoft Teams consultants provided thorough assistance.

Generally, the following reservations had to be addressed professionally for a trouble-free transition:

  • Analysing Requirements
  • Purchasing handsets and licenses
  • Porting numbers
  • On-site installation and support
  • Conference Room Solution

We managed the transition seamlessly, allowing minimal downtime and making sure every detail was carefully planned. Given the logistical challenge of managing all their sites with separate phone systems, the project was completed without any hiccups.

Reynolds Logistics

The system the company previously used was beginning to cause problems and we could see little things slipping between the cracks. It was time for a change before a major landslide, but we just didn’t know what to do.

Bartosz Bulawa
Operations Support Manager


After having successfully used Skype for Business for several years to accomplish rich communication using just one integrated system - encompassing PSTN calling (dialing ordinary numbers), dial-in conferencing, instant messaging, and knowledge sharing – we moved Reynolds Logistics to another level of Unified Communication with Microsoft Teams. This PBX to Microsoft Teams migration was achieved with minimal disruption by ensuring their existing phone numbers were correctly ported over, meticulously planning every detail, and keeping user interruption to an absolute minimum. Our comprehensive Teams migration process ensured a smooth and efficient transition.

Reynolds Logistics’ recent transition from using Skype for Business to the new and improved Microsoft Teams was smooth and appreciated. Their staff is now able to take advantage of even more integrated functionality, to improve collaboration and make knowledge sharing across distinct parts of the business easier.


Microsoft Teams offers many benefits that Skype doesn’t, including features like:

  • Instant Messaging and Persistent Chat
  • Robust Meeting Capabilities
  • Native Video Calling and Conferencing
  • Channels and Enterprise Chat
  • Multiple Integrations

Hopefully, these excellent features have convinced you to give Microsoft Teams Migration a try. If you still haven’t migrated, we recommend starting your migration planning process now with a Microsoft Gold Partner to make the process smoother!

Communication Square

Change is always frightening. That’s why our consultants offer deployment services as well as 24/7 training support. Each member of the workforce is trained to use the new features to the best of their ability. This ensures that our clients get the most out of their new technology.

Favad Qaisar

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