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16 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Online

Having your email servers in your office means it needs someone to look after it, and if it goes wrong, you can face downtime and disruption while it's being fixed. That is where Microsoft Exchange Online comes to the rescue.

Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud email service, designed to centralize your emails into a single database in the Microsoft cloud, giving you a sustainable business email. Here are some Exchange Online Benefits. All your devices can talk to the cloud database at the same time reducing your maintenance cost and ensuring your data is always:

  • Secure And Covered By A 99.9% Up-Time Guarantee
exchange online benefits

Being Ahead of the Curve

From pigeons to emails, sending letters and essential information has evolved.

Emails are a commodity. Like a lot of commodities, they are incredibly important.

Back when I was a kid, emails used to come through browsers, then I started getting them on my phone and then they moved to voicemails and now we have cloud email service providers, capable of providing us access from any device of our choice from anywhere in the world.

But no matter what the era, Microsoft has always been there to facilitate us in the world of communication challenges which includes:

  • Multitude Of Devices
  • Information Explosion
  • Compliance Necessity
  • Multi-Generational Workforce

16 Exchange Online Benefits 

Data loss is costing businesses billions a year. It's important to have the right email security and archiving features in place.

Here are a few reasons Microsoft Exchange Online for secure email to better protect your business's data is a frontrunner.

1. Makes Your Life Easier

With exchange Online Benefits you take full advantage of the cloud and cloud deployment models. Hence, you don't have to worry about deploying the hardware or the software and you are relying on a third party to provide that service. You no longer have that system in-house; you don't have to look after the up-time or the patching or the upgrading of the platform.

2. Accessible from Anywhere

You can stay connected and coordinated whether you are using outlook on your work PC using Outlook with Exchange Online. Whether using Outlook Web App or the app on your smartphone, all your info stays coordinated.

Even if a storm knocks out the power, exchange online makes sure you don't miss an email or lose any of your data.

3. User-Friendly

You might get a lot of emails, hundreds a day, Microsoft Exchange will help you make sense of it all like conversation view; all emails that are part of the same chain can be grouped together. This lets you spend less time organizing and more time getting things done.

You can just click on a name in an email to get that person’s contact information like their address or phone number even the next open slot on that person’s calendar.

4. Shared Calendar

Shared Calendar in exchange takes the headache out of scheduling. You can share your calendar with your co-workers, colleagues at other organizations, even friends and family so they can see when you are or aren't available and make appointment requests.

5. Shared Mailboxes

Group or shared mailboxes are included free and with stacks of storage per user, you don't have to worry about deleting the emails to free up mailbox space.

A shared mailbox is a container with a signed email address that contains emails, calendar items, folders and all other content that usually resides in your mailbox.

6. Cost Saving

Integrating with Microsoft outlook and bundled with office 365 License per user per month allows complete control of costs and the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of users at any time.

7. Compliance

Compliance with government and industry regulations is important in today's business world. Microsoft Office 365 services have been certified as compliant with ISO 27001 standards, completed SAS70 Type I and II audits, and achieved the EU Safe Harbor seal.

Microsoft has also added controls for helping customers comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

8. Protect Your Sensitive Data (Data Loss Prevention)

Keep your organization safe from employees mistakenly sending information to unauthorized people with email DLP along with email encryption service. The new Microsoft exchange data loss prevention capabilities (DLP) identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data by going deep into full-text content, for more in-depth email security. Keeping messages encrypted outside of the company was a tricky endeavor until now. Employees can now send encrypted emails to anyone. If the recipient responds, or even if they forward the message to someone else, the encryption remains in place.

  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware Protection - Office 365 applies a layer of anti-spam and anti-malware Protection across a global network of Data centers to prevent infection via email. And employees have control over their spam quarantined messages.
  • Simplify Scheduling - The perfect team tool, Office 365 lets you check calendars and retrieve contacts from any device. Avoid scheduling hassles by easily sharing calendars and viewing other’s availability.
  • Take Control of Inbox - Help people stay focused on what’s important. Easy visibility into the messages that matter most means your Team is more efficient and can use email to get work done.

9. Integration with SharePoint and Skype for Business

Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint and Skype for Business together provide integrated archiving, hold and eDiscovery functionality. It helps preserve important data in place across exchange mailboxes, SharePoint documents and websites and archived Skype for Business content.

10. eDiscovery

SharePoint and eDiscovery allow you to search for content across these stores, preview search results, and export the data for legal preview.

11. Keep Your Data in One Place

You can keep all your important data in one spot with an in-place archive with a large mailbox for everyone in your company allowing them the flexibility to retain email in the box or keep it in a searchable archive if they wish.

12. Active Email Protection

Exchange actively protects your communications with the built-in defense against email threats. Multi-layered spam filtering is constantly updated to safeguard against sophisticated spam and phishing threats while multiple anti-malware engines work to protect your emails from different viruses.

13. Unified Contact Store

Our professional networks now span so many unusual places. So, exchange enables you to bring all your contacts together, so they are all in one place. Microsoft Exchange Online Benefits will even put all your contact information in one single contact part to prevent duplication.

14. User Photos

Allows you to store high-resolution user photos. Users can manage their own photos using Outlook Web App, SharePoint or Skype for Business.

15. Modern Public Folders

Hierarchy mailbox

  • Contains writable copy of the public folder hierarchy.
  • Content Mailbox
  • Contains writable copy of the public folder and their contents.
  • Contains read-only copy of public folder hierarchy.

16. Cloud- on your terms

Exchange Online Benefits provides you with the tools to move to the cloud on your terms. Whether that's on-boarding overnight or managing a hybrid solution with all your emails stored on-site and online.

So, there you have it, all the Exchange Online Benefits to better protect your emails.

Microsoft Exchange Online is ‘The’ solution for businesses of all sizes and here with a Microsoft Gold Partner, Communication Square, we are experienced in implementing it. To find out more email us today or book a consultation and we’d be delighted to give you a demonstration.

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