3 Misconceptions About Office 365

In the Digital era of today, customers want to optimize costs without limitations to them being non-flexible when it comes to shifting on the Cloud. But with loads of information available, which is sometime contradictory, the major lot cannot understand what "cloud" means in all true essence. Hence leading to the Misconceptions about Office 365.

3 Misconceptions about Office 365

With increasing Myths, the problem needed to be debunked. Some of the Myths for Office 365 in consumer black-box are listed in this article, that have been DEFLATED!. We encourage you to share the facts with your customers and readers to further ease out the process Flow of Office 365. Let's begin the conversations and close the deals more effectively!

Myth #1 - Everyone Has the Access to Our Data

With increasing threats, Security is the priority of Microsoft. The brand provides for trust and loyalty with its values embedded in the core. Our platforms like devices, applications and infrastructure come with secure offerings (e.g. Windows Server 2016, Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection). And are in scrutiny by layers of further security entailing data streams and telemetry. Threats such as someone trying to access your Data, is tackled by the broad Protection points which come into play for the support Team to respond to, quickly and efficiently. With adopting the world's first international standard for cloud privacy, Microsoft has the efficient approach for protecting privacy relating to personal Data stored in the Cloud

Myth #2 on Premise Data Keeping Is Safer than in Cloud

Cost optimization is important for corporations or enterprise. Maintaining high level Security asks for more cost and maintenance charges as well. With applications like Cloud, Security features are handled by bringing built in and real time updates which are in integration with a framework. So, you're always up to date and secured as well. The ultimate goal in today's world of mobility is the power that lets you access information from any corner of the world or at any time. The cloud serves the very purpose with Office 365 having additional features like Recovery & Backup Solutions. This help you to store and sell effectively with less time trying to fix the bugs.

Do you know? 43% of breaches take place at small business 

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Myth #3 - Moving Everything on the Cloud

Cloud migration implementation process mostly starts with a hybrid approach; like moving a single application, email and then gradually evolving from there. Its convenient for customers to get comfortable with the Cloud migration. It also demonstrates how cloud capabilities are in bias with business demands and needs. This approach becomes a Cost Optimization process for customers. Apart from that, the myth about "all or nothing" also deflates and Migrations turn into a convenient phenomena.

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(Last Updated On: April 3, 2021)

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