5 Ways a Cybersecurity Service Benefits Your Business

Many companies may wonder whether cybersecurity services are the right option for their business. it may seem like a waste of time and money. You may assume that your company and its network are perfectly safe and that a hacker would never get on.

However, once a hacker gets on because you did not have the proper cybersecurity in place, you will find that it can cost you a lot of money and your reputation will be ruined. Having the right cybersecurity service is a great way to prevent these issues and provides you with the benefits below:


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1. Conducts a Cybersecurity Audit

One of the first things any cybersecurity service should offer is a cybersecurity audit. This will take a look at your whole network and determine what is working, where the potential risks are, and how you can fix the issues.

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This will all come together to provide you with the other benefits that we have on our list. Some companies try to do this audit on their own. While it is a good thing to know about your network and how it works, having an extra set of eyes on everything will make more sense.

The first step is to review all plans. The service can consider whether your policies and procedures are up to date and relevant for the information you have. With this in mind, they will reassess some of the risks your company may have.

Depending on your goals and any found risks, the security service will consider whether you need to apply additional security standards. Most companies do need this so do not be surprised if this happens to you.

Once the new security standards are introduced, your company will need to discuss how employees will be able to follow the new procedures. Since employees can often introduce new threats into the system, it is important everyone is properly trained on these procedures.


2. Can Predict Cyber Threats


Based on the cybersecurity audit that they do for you above, a cybersecurity service will be able to predict what threats are more likely to happen on your system. An effective cybersecurity service will have insight into all threats faced by businesses and will know what inside your network would be a target to cybercriminals.

With this information in mind, they can be your greatest ally. They will help you to separate out the data in your system based on what holds sensitive data and what does not. From there you will come up with a plan that helps make you less vulnerable to threats.


3. Blocks the Cyber Threats

If you are choosing a cybersecurity service, you need one that will ensure no threat gets through the network. They may do a good job of predicting cyber threats in the previous step, but hackers and cybercriminals are always on the move. You need a service that can protect you from the unexpected.

One way this can work is through email. Spoofed emails that look like they come from the CEO of a company can trick many employers. This has become so prevalent and worked so well that this cybercrime has its own name; Business E-Mail Compromise.

The FBI has even released a public alert warning in 2018 to tell businesses about this crime. Before that alert though, more than 78,000 businesses worldwide were victims and it resulted in a loss of $12 billion.

The goal of a cybersecurity service is to make sure that none of your employees are spoofed by these emails. Since it is easy for this to happen with subtle changes in an email, having a cybersecurity service to catch these things can keep your business safe.


4. Detects and Responds to Cyber Threats

Predicting and blocking is a good start when it comes to cybersecurity, but this is not where it should stop. There’s always a possibility that a hacker will get onto the system and can wreak havoc, even with some of the best security measures in place. If the cybersecurity service can’t catch these threats, then your business is vulnerable.

According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report, it was found that many of the illegal remote POS intrusions would happen in the foodservice industry and these were not discovered for months. This would happen 96% of the time.

In fact, most of these companies would only find out about the intrusion once informed by law enforcement or through a Common Point of Purchase.

Many of these issues could be solved if the right cybersecurity service were in place for the company. This would help them monitor traffic and find out when a hacker was around or someone was using the system wrong.


5. Can Save You Money

Another benefit of using these services is that they will be able to save you a lot of money. According to a study done in 2018 by IBM, it found that the highest data breach would cost $81 per compromised record. This was just the direct cost, not any of the indirect costs that come up with data breaches.

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That is a lot of money when you think about how many records you are storing and are responsible for. If you leave it up to chance, you are risking a lot of money and personal data for your customers. And your reputation will disappear as well.

With the right cybersecurity service, you can prevent all this lost data as well. This saves you money because you do not need to worry about the data breach and all the direct costs associated with it.


Keeping Your Network Safe

It is always a good idea to trust a cybersecurity service to take care of your network and make sure it is safe. all the benefits will help protect sensitive data, save you money, and prevent your reputation from getting ruined in the process. Find the right one for your needs and see what a difference it makes.

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

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