March 30

6 Reasons You Need to Activate the Azure RMS Right Away


According to recent studies, about 87% of all senior managers upload sensitive information to personal Emails and Cloud applications regularly. While this figure is not surprising; the arm tingling fact is that close to a whopping 58% of these managers have admitted to having sent sensitive information to the wrong person by accident at one point or another. Ensuring that confidential information is safe, is a growing challenge with the ever increasing Cloud environment, services and file-sharing Platforms.

While adequate processes are in place for ensuring the integrity of information within an organizational setting; there are unfortunately severe Data Security issues when information has to leave the organization. But the Solution is here, Microsoft Azure Right Management (Azure RMS) is the answer to all Data Security problems.

Azure RMS is the ultimate information Protection Solution that is in integration with the MS Office. Why? In order to be easily able to resolve Security problems in the working environment. It helps secure sensitive Data, files, and all other information; during their transition, when they are being accessing on different devices like Android, iOS, and Windows. The best part is that Azure RMS is not particular about where the access to Data is from; its Security is a surety whether it is in use at the office, on the road, in the field or anywhere for that matter.

Now You Can Share Information with Your Business Partners, Customers and Employees Without Any Qualms Because Azure Rms Offers:
  1. Generic Protection – it protect all types of files;
  2. To protect files anywhere – once a file has Protection by it, there is no way for anyone to breach the integrity of the Data even when that particular file is sent or copied to a storage that is outside the control of IT;
  3. Shared Protection – When a Protected file is sent as an attachment in an email, the message in the body is not Encrypted, but only an authorized user is able open the file, even after it is forwarded.
  4. Auditing and Monitoring usage of the Protected files – whenever someone opens or views a Protected file, or when people try to print say some read-only files, Azure RMS lets you know;
  5. Tailored policies that suit your Business needs through creating Templates in Azure AD;
  6. customized Support for On-Premise RMS services.

The Activation is super easy! You can start Protecting your enterprise’s valuable information right away. For further information on features and deployment, please feel free to contact us at Communication Square

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