Customer Support with Microsoft Exchange.

By Communication Square | Business Email

Apr 02

Customer support with Microsoft Exchange could be great again as Microsoft has introduced ‘Send as’ and ‘Send on behalf’ feature for groups in Outlook.

Like other groups in Outlook, members can read all messages sent to the group. But with this feature turned on, responses look like they come from the group rather than the individual. Members of the group can reply to the conversation using the shared identity of the Group instead of their individual personal identity.

Quick Responses

Application of this function would be most useful for customer support users. Any member of the group can respond to queries received from customers. Quick responses could be made in a timely fashion without disclosing their individual identity. Subsequent responses from the customer can also go back to the group. This keeps all information in one place and makes it faster for support representatives to respond to new inquiries. Apart from that conversation history is also available for the group members to view so that it becomes easier to assess which issues are pending and which have gone to resolution.

The consistent use of a single email address will help your customers develop recognition and trust. And would also prevent a single individual having bombardment with customer queries.

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