Furthermore, the users can also port-in their existing phone numbers in Skype for Business. Now moving on to setting up the PSTN Calling, well, for you to see the voice option in the Skype for Business admin center, you would need to purchase at least one Enterprise 5 or Cloud PBX license with a Voice Calling Plan.

5 Steps to PSTN Calling Setup

The process of PSTN Calling setup could be simplified in these five steps.

  1. Purchase and assign any of the E1, E3 or E5 licenses with a voice calling plan to your users

The good thing about the Enterprise 5 license is, it covers the Cloud PBX while on the other hand Enterprise 1 or Enterprise 3 requires an add on for Cloud PBX.

  1. Purchase and assign Skype for Business Online license to your users
  2. Get your Phone Numbers from Office 365
  3. Add emergency addresses and locations for you organization
  4. Assign Phone Numbers to the users

Moreover, the costs to add PSTN to the Office 365 E5 or E3 is $24.00/month with an annual commitment. The $24 includes both domestic and international calls, whereas only domestic calling plan, that is for $12. Furthermore, the cost for E5 itself is $35 /user/month with an annual commitment and it includes the Cloud PBX whereas the cost for E3 is $20 per user/ month plus the cost of Cloud PBX which is $8 per month.

Lastly, the best thing about Cloud PBX with PSTN is it enables you to opt completely-in-the-Cloud Solution or go for a Hybrid and take advantage of some of the Cloud PBX features, while keeping some functionality On-premises. Communication Square LLC has a range of capable Engineers who can provide you the option to deploy PSTN calling on your premises in a seamless way.