Harnessing Improved Collaboration and Communication with Microsoft Tools

Communication with Microsoft tools
Harnessing Improved Collaboration and Communication with Microsoft Tools Communication Square 03:44
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

Streamline File Management and Storage

Sharing files should be seamless between teams, tools, devices and departments. Hence a platform or suite of well integrated tools will allow clear connections between people, content and business apps across the organization. As a part of such a suite, team sites can help employees Collaborate on documents, Store information and Manage projects. Furthermore, this will allow for cross team, real time Document Sharing and Editing to support collaboration on several levels, while providing one easy place to find it all.

To improve Productivity, team sites should be accessible from virtually anywhere. While making information securely available and enabling Collaboration across distances and from mobile devices.

Make Effective Use of Communication Tools

Teams that don’t interact on a regular basis are often unaware of what the other is working on. Enterprise networks built for cross organization Communication can help break down these silos and walls. Employees can create cross company on topics of shared interest, successes and learnings to solve problems.

Organizations also often face Management and executive silos, created by Organizational hierarchy, internal Communication practices and company culture. These hierarchical barriers are breakable by creating groups within team based Communication tools; to empower employees to engage in two way conversations with executives.

Improve Interpersonal Relationships

Easily accessible Communication Tools; IM, voice calls and video conferencing, give employees multiple ways to reach out to their peers. So if they are allowed to choose their method of Communication and can connect with peers from nearly anywhere employees are more likely to reach out and build stronger interpersonal relationships.

The right Collaboration tools can help reduce barriers to Communication. Furthermore, provide better access to resources and help teams be more Productive. Contact us at Communication Square to get more information.


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