Is My Office 365 GDPR Compliant?

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Introduction to GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is in the headlines for over an year now. It is making a buzz around the world in technology sector. Like always, Microsoft has rushed to the rescue of its clients’ Security and Compliance. Do you need to know how GDPR will affect your organization? Are you looking for compliance with GDPR solutions? Searching for a team of professionals that can help you through the process? Here is a complete guide with answers to all your questions. GDPR compliance in Microsoft Cloud is now easy to implement with new Microsoft tools.

gdpr compliance

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation law by European Union. It was approved in 2016 in the parliament of European Union. As a result, it has come in effect on 25th May 2018. It includes a series of regulations that protect the personal information of European citizens. In addition to that, these laws will also regulate the usage and disposal of personal information. Consequently, all European organizations or any organization that collects personal information of European citizens come under effect of these laws.

Main Clauses of GDPR

Information Protection

  • Personal information of any person is defined as their online presence. These include IP addresses or cookies that can be traced back to them. It also includes any physical, mental, economic, social or cultural features that may identify a person.
  • Companies should enforce reasonable protection protocols. These protocols apply to the storage, processing and safeguarding of data. Additionally, these include encryption, confidentiality and integrity of personal data. Similarly, restoration of data in case of disaster and testing of all data protection systems.

Redefining Consent

  • The most important clause of GDPR is its redefinition of consent. Individual consent is required for each piece of information collected from any person. It means that organizations cannot take consent in the form long license agreement.
  • An individual has the right to withdraw their consent at any time. Also, any user can request the removal of their data. In addition to that, organization will express for what purpose they are collecting the data. If the intended purpose of collecting the data is no longer required, the data must be erased.
  • While collecting data from any person, organization will express their identity, contact details, and purpose of collecting the data. In addition to that, companies will also give the right to lodge a complaint by users.
  • All persons will have the right to access on the processes of storage and usage of their personal data. However, they will pay a small fee in case the access request is undue.

Enforcing Penalties

  • Organizations will inform the concerned authorities and users if, there is a data security breach,  within 72 hours.
  • Companies who are not compliant with the GDPR will face a penalty of up to 10 to 20 million euros. Furthermore, they could also face two to four percent of their gross turnover as a fine.

How GDPR Will Affect European Organizations? 

All European organizations will come under effect of GDPR if and only if, they collect or process the personal information of European European citizens.

How GDPR Will Affect Non-European Organizations?

All Non-European organizations that collect or process the personal information of European citizens will also, come under effect these laws

Solution for GDPR Compliance in Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft has introduced a new tool known as the COMPLIANCE MANAGER for GDPR compliance. It ensures that cloud applications such as Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 are compliant to the required policies. You can add any policy such as, GDPR and assess your organizations’ compliance. Furthermore, get recommendations to make your organization compliant with any given policy. It is a powerful tool that makes compliance easy by connecting technology solutions with regulation policies.

Key features of GDPR

  • Get Risk Assessment: Compliance Manager allows you to create assessments for your data under a policy. In addition to that, it gives results as risk-based assessments. It is important to get risk-based assessments as GDPR requires organization to safeguard data with the level of risk associated with the said data. Furthermore, it allows you to see compliance across all cloud applications such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 in a single dashboard.
  • Get Actionable Insights: It gives you actionable insights into your compliance policy. It will analyze what compliance requirements are complete and what requirements are incomplete. Also, it will make recommendations to meet the compliance requirements. This feature is crucial for organizations who want to be GDPR compliant. It will be quite difficult to manually check all compliance requirements without getting recommendations.
  • Get Simplified Compliance: Now it is possible for you to get GDPR compliance in Microsoft Cloud with ease. You can assign tasks and collaborate within team members using Compliance Manager. In addition to that, you can upload compliance activities evidence and get detailed audit reports.

How to get solution for GDPR compliance in Microsoft Cloud?

Compliance manager tool is available at the Microsoft Service Trust portal. Get it now and make sure that your business never faces any set back because of non-compliance.

Get GDPR Compliant with Us Now

Communication Square takes pride in being a team of professionals with dedication. We have assisted our clients to get GDPR compliant in Microsoft Cloud. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your compliance process. Additionally, we provide support from deployment to maintenance. For any questions or details about GDPR compliance in Microsoft cloud Contact Us.

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