Making Learning, Fun and Easy Experience for Students and Teachers with Help of Technology

Making Lerning Experience for Student
Making Learning, Fun and Easy Experience for Students and Teachers with Help of Technology Communication Square 05:29
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

In today’s era, education has become digitized from blackboards to digital screen, from manual handouts to digital portal of sharing documentation and notes to students. There are infinite ways to gather and share ideas. This change is radically shifting the ways students and educators communicate, collaborate, create and connect. It’s a transformation enabled by technology, and it’s opening a new world of learning.In addition, Integrating technology into education will help equip students with skills for the modernize workforce. Thus, technology will play a crucial role in enabling new learning experiences.

As students become more technologically inclined, smart classrooms can keep them actively engaged in their learning, while helping them to understand key concepts that might otherwise be difficult to explain through traditional teaching methods.

Technological Gadgets that Foster Education:


Microsoft Sway

Teachers have found Microsoft Sway a very powerful and useful tool to assess students’ performance. It’s quite easy to use and can conveniently showcase students’ projects on it. The teachers have found that the presentation program helps facilitate group discussions centered on complex topics and at the same time also allowing them to check and track students’ progress on presentations.

Skype for Business

Skype for classroom learning is a platform that allows both educators and learners to speak to students from around the world via Skype, without taking a step out of the classroom. In addition, this gadget helps in connecting students and academicians from anywhere across the globe. Furthermore through Skype, virtual learning is facilitated.


OneNote is a digital tutor that gives step by step instructions on how to solve handwritten math problems. Ink math assistant can draw graphs of equations; all within OneNote for Windows 10 to help teachers better understand the handwriting of their students. The Ink math assistant quickly plots an interactive graph to help visualize difficult math concepts. One can zoom in and move the graph to observe intersection points. Or change values of parameters in equations to better understand how each of them reflects on the graph.

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