Meeting Invitation and Broadcast Meetings

Meeting Invitation and Broadcast Meetings Communication Square 03:35
(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

Skype For Business Solution is a Unified Communications Platform that permit co-workers to collaborate with each other, on any device. It provides variety of features such as instant messaging, voice over IP, video and web conferencing, file transfer, email and voicemail etc. Besides that, Skype For Business provides two highly significant features named as meeting invitation and broadcast meeting.


Meeting Invitation offers Screen Sharing, Power point, Presenter audio & video, Attendee audio & video features. Moreover, it provides boosting the audience apps like white board, poll and Q&A.


Broadcast meeting does not allow the user to take advantage of attendee audio & video and screen sharing features. However, it provides meeting invitation along with unique features like Cloud based meeting recording, attendee DVR controls, available on demand immediately, personalized meeting experience and post event metrics. Audience apps of broadcast meetings include Pulse, Yammer, Moderated and Q&A. Features such as desktop sharing, closed captions and translated subtitles are expected to launch soon in broadcast meeting.

Both the features of Skype For Business are user-friendly. However, broadcast meeting is considered much more beneficial than meeting invitation. The maximum audience size in broadcast meetings is 10000 whereas meeting invitation encompasses merely an audience number up to 250. Click here to get Skype for Business.


Skype For Business



Maximum audience size 250 10000
Presenter audio & video yes    yes
Power Point yes yes
Desktop Sharing yes Coming Soon
Attendee audio & video yes  
Audience Apps White board, Poll, Q&A Pulse, Yammer, Moderated Q&A
Cloud based meeting recording   yes
Attendee DVR controls (pause, rewind)   yes
Available on demand immediately   yes 
Personalized meeting experience   yes
Closed Captions and translated subtitles   Coming Soon

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