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Microsoft Unifies Azure AD and Microsoft Account Log-In Experience

Microsoft is previewing yet another sign-in experience for Azure Active Directory and Microsoft account users, giving organizations notice of changes that will be in establishment this fall. The Microsoft Account Log-In experience is in the process of revamp to have a consistent look and feel for both Azure AD and Microsoft account, with the aim of eliminating jarring transitions when you move between the two.

What’s Changing

With the new design, users will see two screens. They'll are in prompt to enter their names on one screen. Next, they see a screen prompting for passwords or other means of verification. Organizations will be able to add their brands to this updated user interface.

Here are a few screen shots of this new experience:

Paginated Sign-In Flow (Desktop View)

  1. Username and password taken on separate pages
  2. This mock shows default branding – when no company branding is configured

Desktop UI (with Company Branding Configured)

Mobile UI

Any branding activity you currently have is in configuration to carry it to the new UI: sign-in image, banner logo, username hint, sign-in page text and background color.

This will be a disruptive change for some of you, but this will set us up for an exciting future of innovation in the sign-in space. To give you time to prepare for the change, Microsoft has left the new experience as an opt-in public preview for the next few weeks.

The shared interface elements and behind-the-scenes technologies will make the transition between both systems less jarring for users. This is according to Alex Simons, director of program management at Microsoft's Identity Division. For businesses, the new paginated approach means fewer login mishaps and a more adaptable authentication system overall, as Simons asserts.

Microsoft is still working on porting some features, such as multi-factor authentication, to the new system. So to give Azure AD customers time to prepare; the company is making the new sign-in experience available as an opt-in preview. Before switching over to the new interface during the last week of September.

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