November 11, 2020
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From Freelancer to CEO of a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner

Most people do not take Freelancing seriously. They think of it as a part-time activity or a last resort to earn some extra bucks when one has run out of all other options. Here’s what I tell everyone, and today I thought to narrate it in detail to benefit the ever-growing group of skilled hardworking Freelancers & Businesses alike.


Back in August 2011 when I joined a freelancing site, I wasn’t sure why someone would even hire a Freelancer to do something, when there were so many professionals available for Full Time work. However, I had read some positive stories; made up a profile (without exaggerating my skillset) and started applying for different jobs. Lucky as I could have been, in my very second job I landed on working with a Microsoft Gold Partner in San Diego region. And I continue to offer them part time consultancy until this day. (4 Years, 2 months and counting).


Getting picked up by a Microsoft Gold Partner on my second assignment was an achievement. That moment gave me hope that Freelancing could be much more than just earning some bucks. In the following 12 months I was working with multiple Gold Partners & Businesses. What I liked the most was that I was working on my preferred skillset, i.e. Lync / Skype for Business only. I was doing what I loved the most and was getting immense troubleshooting, deployment, and Migration knowledge in the process. It did not stop here; without realizing, I had become proficient enough that I received an invite from Microsoft in Redmond to review some of the Certification Exams scheduled to be released in 2013. This was the time when I thought I had struck gold, but God had more in store. As soon as I returned, I received an offer for a Full-Time position with another Microsoft Gold Communications Partner. That was based out in the California Region; giving me a chance to work with Businesses and Partners with up to 10,000 users, on multiple sites.


Finally, it was at the beginning of this year, January 2015 that I decided to give the legal shape of a Company to what I adored doing so much. Today I am the CEO of Communication Square LLC; a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner (Yes, I struck Gold again), incorporated in Wyoming. And with Subsidiaries incorporated in Islamabad, Pakistan and Madrid, Spain. Currently we have more than one hundred Customers and Deployed / Migrated more than 50,000 users.

We have customers ranging from 25 People Company to Hosted Lync / Exchange Businesses with up to 20,000 active users. We have Business Development Executives and Engineers working remotely in multiple time zones. Our Global Presence has meant we have had multiple Customers in 3 major continents, America, Europe & Australia, and have leads coming in from places as far as South America and Canada. While we continue to focus on what our Team has been doing for 6 years now i.e. Skype for Business, Exchange, Office 365 & Azure; our Partners continue to assist in other service offerings. Feel free to reach out to me directly or anyone in Communication Square LLC through LinkedIn, Phone or Email and I assure you the best possible Experience. Contact us today or visit our Website now. 

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About the Author

Favad Qaisar is Founder & CEO of Communication Square LLC. He is a Microsoft Certified Expert and a Charter Member. In the past he has worked with Microsoft Teams Product Group and has also Co-Authored Microsoft Certification Exams.

Beyond work he loves playing Chess.

Favad Qaisar

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