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Microsoft Ignite Vs Inspire Vs Build Conferences

Microsoft users!
Your very own source into the exciting world of the Microsoft Gold Partner, Communication Square is here.
It’s that exciting time of the year again when Microsoft partners from across the globe come together to share their experiences. Microsoft reinforces its commitment to equipping businesses with the right tools while processing to thrive in an era of rapid digital transformation. This year there are three conferences Microsoft Inspire 2018, Microsoft Ignite 2018, and Microsoft Build 2018.

So here is what’s happening at Microsoft Conferences 2018.

Microsoft Ignite Vs Inspire 2018

To my developer fellows, let me first give you an insight about the latest Microsoft Build 2018 that just took place in May. It has been a busy month in the tech world as Google and Microsoft both hosted their biggest conferences of the year in the same week of May. The focus of this year's Build conference shifts from Windows to Microsoft's work on artificial intelligence (AI) systems, machine learning, edge-computing tools, and the company's moves to integrate with other platforms including iOS, Android, and Amazon Alexa. Here’s a quick recap of everything Microsoft announced at Build 2018.

Cortana and Alexa

The good news is that soon, you’ll be able to speak with Cortana through an Amazon Echo or reach Alexa through your Windows 10 PC. The integration will first be made available in limited beta, and no time has been given for a wider rollout.

Your Phone

Microsoft previewed a new app called Your Phone that can synchronize Android phones and iPhones with Windows 10. The feature goes into beta this week and is expected to launch publicly this fall.

Timeline for IOS and Android

Windows 10’s Timeline keeps track of all the apps you’re using and what you’re doing in them. You can open the timeline to view your history and jump right back to where you were. What’s powerful about the Timeline is that it can synchronize across Windows 10 devices. And now, Microsoft is bringing the Timeline to iOS and Android, too. So, if you use the same apps on your phone and desktop, you’ll be able to pick something up on mobile that you started on a desktop.

Incentive for Developers

it’s been standard practice for all the big app stores to take a 30 percent cut of the money an app brings in. Microsoft is about to make a substantial change: in some circumstances, it’ll only take a 5 percent cut, leaving developers with 95 percent of the money they bring in.

Kinect is Alive

Microsoft is keeping Kinect alive, just in a much different form than we know it today, Microsoft is turning Kinect into a cloud service. It sounds like developers will be able to send information from their own cameras and depth sensors up to Kinect in the cloud, have Microsoft process that information, and then send it back to the device.

Azure leaps into Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has opened the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) run-time to developers. Microsoft has also updated its Bot Framework, which, in combination with new Cognitive Services updates – will level up conversational bots so they can deliver deeper and more realistic conversations.

Microsoft Inspire/Ready 2018

Everybody’s favorite Microsoft Inspire is here again.

Technology and communication are making the world smaller and more connected than ever. There are exciting things happening. At the same time, there are unique challenges we are facing as we try to stay adaptable and responsive to complex topics and new situations. Microsoft Inspire 2018 is here to tackle these challenges. Microsoft inspire has always been the lifeblood flowing through the veins of the Microsoft partners. It will be arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada, this July from 15th to 19th. It’s the biggest event in the calendar for Microsoft Partners, with tens of thousands of vendors and service providers in attendance. Be ready for an action-packed event full of all kinds of resources that will enable you to accelerate your business.

Are you Ready to be Inspired?

Microsoft’s greatest asset is its people, partners, and employees. Bring them together and you’ll be inspired. This year's Inspire has cohabited with Microsoft Ready, the annual Microsoft sales, marketing, and technical fiscal kick-off. This is the first time that Microsoft has combined both events, and with Microsoft Ready bringing over 21,000 regional and global Microsoft staff to Las Vegas, we see an unprecedented opportunity for partners to connect, network and work with the Microsoft community than ever before.

There are three key ingredients of Microsoft Inspire 2018


At the core of digital transformation and with the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud, computing is getting embedded in every aspect of our lives—in every home, business, and every industry—creating unprecedented opportunity for partners to expand their customer solutions.


Demonstrating how expanding business capabilities and profitability opens new channels for partner collaboration and solution aggregation to capitalize on the $20T digital transformation opportunity.


Bringing world-class expertise to help today’s leaders keep up with an ever-accelerating rate of innovation while maintaining business excellence.

Here are some key reasons why you should be at Inspire this year.

Increase Your Network: Conferences are for networking and inspire is the best place for Microsoft Partner for networking. Inspire provides the opportunity for Microsoft Partners to meet new customers and clients in person. Likewise, it brings innovative ideas to the table, converting sales into returning customers and meetings into partnerships. Microsoft has a larger number of Partners in every industry. Besides meeting potential customers, the event is full of all types of Microsoft Partner from around the globe and in different industries. It’s a place full of ideas and inspiration, hence the name inspires and strengthens.

Your Ties with Microsoft

You don’t know who you are going to run into at Microsoft Inspire 2018. It can be Satya Nadella or Gavriella Schuster and many more leading figures from the Microsoft family and even from other tech industries. Microsoft Inspire 2018 is a wonderful place to build contacts with Microsoft representatives.

Presentations and Keynotes

Inspire will be full of seminars and keynotes that you don’t want to miss. Inspire 2017 is all about learning, improving, and making sales. Similarly, it will also help you to market and increase technical and business knowledge about Microsoft products and solutions.

So, come on … come all... to Vegas, July 15 to July 19.

We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

Microsoft Ignite 2018

 The only thing that never changes when it comes to information technology is the fact that it is always changing. Whether it is hardware computing power, cloud computing, the way people communicate in a mobile interconnected world, or the coming Internet of Things revolution, Information technology is always morphing, adapting, and evolving. Likewise, what you know today will not be good enough five years from now—or even next year. Consequently, information technology professionals must continuously educate and re-educate themselves. In the Microsoft universe, one way to stay on top of the latest trends is to attend one of its premiere conferences. Microsoft Ignite 2018 is an enterprise technology conference, where the company displays enterprise products, services, and provides valuable IT training. As part of Microsoft technology conferences 2018, Microsoft Ignite 2018 is scheduled from September 24 to September 28 in Orlando, Florida. It's going to be an interesting week with lots of great news about Microsoft. Here is why.


The personal network takes time to grow and there is no substitute for a quality network. If you are representing your company, then attending such events is valuable for productive networking. Moreover, it can bring a variety of outcomes such as competitive intelligence and different valuable discussions, which can help your company to evolve.

Gaining Knowledge

The obvious benefits of attending Microsoft technology conferences 2018 sessions are to witness smart speakers, giving presentations on the important topic along with some useful tips. Furthermore, planning your sessions is important. The number of sessions that you will attend and the way that you capture information is essential.

Share the Information

You can benefit your team, colleagues, and clients by sharing the information you gain from attending the technology conference like industry expert’s advice, actionable tips, statistics, and other useful information.

So why waste precious time dreaming when waking up life is so much better. Attending Microsoft technology conferences 2018 will be the best thing you’ll do the entire year. Hope you learned all about Microsoft Ignite Vs Inspire.
Contact us for further information and details.

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