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Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program


Microsoft has always strives to provide best to its clients. Therefore, it has introduced its One Commercial Partner Program. This program is intended for its partner companies. Microsoft Partner Community is a group of companies that sell Microsoft Cloud Solutions to clients. The program is intended at deeper integration of the partner companies into the parent firm and with Microsoft’s first-hand resources at the disposal of partner companies, the user experience will improve greatly. As a result, clients can have enhanced capabilities and customized solution for their business.

What is Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program? 

For you to understand One Commercial Partner Program, you must understand the system in which Microsoft and its partner companies are working. Furthermore, it will help you realize the benefits, if you hire a One Commercial Partner Company to deploy Microsoft Solutions.

Microsoft and its partner companies shape an ecosystem of the cloud market. Partner companies sell Microsoft Cloud Solutions to businesses. These companies have different statuses based on their performance, resources and clientele. One Commercial Partner is an upgraded status that gives Partner Companies additional resources and manpower directly from Microsoft. This help comes in handy when they are deploying a customized solution for a client.

How Does it Help Partner Companies?

The One Commercial Partner Program is a complete reorganization of the Microsoft Services. It puts the partners first for the delivery of best in class Cloud solutions to customers. Thus, the Partners can now have enhanced capabilities.

  • “Built With Team” allows partner companies to build solutions in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • “Go To Market Team” allows partner companies to stand out in all competencies with expertise in one area of business solutions and connect with customers who are looking for that solution.
  • “Channel Management Sales Team” allows partner companies to lend extra support to customers and grab opportunities that can enhance their area of expertise.

How Does it Help Customers?

The underlying purpose of One Commercial Partner Program is to provide better services to end users and customers. Microsoft has realized that the middleman that deals with customers directly are the Partner Companies. Therefore, Empowering the Partners will mean empowering the customers and providing the customers best in class Cloud solutions.

  • $1.7 Trillion is spent to digitally transform Cloud services for customers. Now customers can experience advanced support and customization in the deployment of solutions.
  • Partner Companies are aligned with Microsoft to give customized solutions according to unique business needs of every client. With Microsoft engineers and resources at the disposal of the partner company, you can build your own solution. Go-To-Market feature of the program helps you find a customized solution that covers all your concerns.
  • One Commercial Partner Program helps you find a partner company that has expertise in the area you are looking for. As a result, you can find the best team that has experience, knowledge and know your pain points.

How Can Communication Square Help You?

Communication Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner with One Commercial Partner Ready Status. We have successfully deployed over 50000 On-Premise seats at different organizations, thus making us your first choice for Cloud solutions. Let us build you a solution with best in class resources and manpower at your disposal. Contact Us now to find out more.

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