Jan 11

Microsoft Power BI is a Cloud-based visualization tool, a way to maximize the value of Cloud Data and provide valuable Insights of Business operations. A Business analytics service that permits users to analyze and interpret data to enhance efficiency. Similarly, by tapping into the power of large Data centers combined with user-friendly data exploration and visualization tools, virtually any user can get the power of Data to make better, faster decisions.

Power BI give users an easy way to connect multiple Data types and sources together into one view. Moreover, it allows users to connect to all organization’s Data at a unified source, Data could be extracted from Cloud or on-premises and then by connecting through SQL Server databases  that would ultimately provide users the convenience.

Power BI allows it users a variety of easy to use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualizations that bring Data to life. Likewise, it helps in making fast pace business decision as analyzed information is readily available to workforce. In addition, entire business performance is view-able from one dashboard, that would ease the process of monitoring of important Data.

There are numerous ways in which Power BI can help the process of Data visualization. Following are the few ways:


Representation of Data through visuals, such as a chart, graph, or map.


A Data-set can be from a single source and a single table, or from a combination of different Data sources.


A collection of visualizations that appear together on one or more pages.


A collection of visuals from a single page that you can share with others.  Similarly, a Dashboard can provide quick insight into the Data.


A single visualization found in a report of on a Dashboard. For further details contact us today. 


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