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Why You Need Help When Moving to Exchange Online


The Migration to Exchange Online must always be a thought out activity. There are various details that should be under consideration into account for ensuring that the Migration is smooth as silk. For moving to Exchange Online, the most Optimal Solution is to engage a Microsoft partner like Communication Square for assistance. The Migration is simple, but moving many large mailboxes can be troublesome if not done properly.

If organizations make sure that they follow the proper methodology while deploying the Exchange Migration, there is no way that they would encounter any problems. However, moving to Exchange Online involves specialized processes that organizations might not be able to manage on their own. There in comes the role of Communication Consultants that have helped many businesses move to Exchange Online, making the transition seamless and easy.

Because of the considerable experience, Communication Square can help you PLAN YOUR MIGRATION!

Moving to Exchange Online requires detailed planning; there is an involvement of storage requirements, taking care of system configurations, network setup, checking other variables as well. Communication Square can take care of all that, while anticipating any issue that may arise and resolving problems before they arise.

One organization’s journey to Exchange Online might be completely different from the other. Some organizations are more concerned with ensuring successful Migration of terabytes of Data while others give higher priority to minimal down time. Whatever the case may be depending on the unique needs of a Business, all issues are eradicable by application of best practices.

Common Challenges That Organizations Face When Moving to Exchange Are Easily Resolvable via Proper Planning

Here is how

1. Multiple Migrations have taught us that slow network connections can be the biggest hindrance during the process. The problem can be resolved quite easily if the Migration is done in different tiers;  use an initial sweep for copying Emails on to the Cloud, over a defined schedule which is in place according to the size of the inboxes . The second stage would be the final sweep to ensure that all recent Emails have been transferred on to Cloud.

2. Another issue that is under observation is with hard end security; when the Exchange environment is so secure that the default Exchange Policies simply do not allow the Migration. This problem is fixable by making alterations to the Security feature. So it can scale back just enough to allow for the Migration.

3. Sometimes, despite all the planning, a Migration that was working well in a POC environment fails continuing to do so on a live network. This could mean one of many things being different for the Production users as compared to the POC users; connectivity issues, corrupt mailboxes, varying security settings or many others. This requires specialized consultants to review the problem in detail and fix it to minimize the down time.

3rd Party Vendors

4. If your organization uses a third-party archiving vendor for your Emails, this can be troublesome when Migrating to Exchange Online. Use 3rd Party Migration utilities to resolve this. To ensure a successful Migration, our consultants are good in planning and opting for the most appropriate 3rd Party tool compatible with your archiving Solution.

It might appear that all these issues are easily resolvable, but they require multiple steps. This can prolong the Migration, leading to greater down times. And there is no reason why you have to rely on guesswork for the Migration to go smoothly.

Let Communication Square help you by providing you a customized Solution at economical rates. We do that by properly assessing your unique needs and system requirements. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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