How Skype for Business can Help a Virtual Business?

How Skype for Business can Help a Virtual Business.
How Skype for Business can Help a Virtual Business? Communication Square 23:40
(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

Are you not a traditional Business? You don’t believe in getting all your employees to come in at 9 and leave at 5? You don’t care if someone is coming in to the office or staying back home as long as the work gets done? Hence the Virtual workplace setting seems like an amazing idea, but managing it practically is quite difficult.  Therefore, how to determine if everyone is working? And that’s not even the most important question. How will your Virtual Team collaborate and communicate? And how will they share information?  Moreover, Can you ensure that everyone is on the same page? Most of all, what if a situation arises that immediately requires the input of your entire Team that is spread over a large geographical area, in different time zones; how will you get everyone on board?

These are the questions that hinder, and pose challenges to the concept of a Virtual workplace and flexible working styles. However, you can stop worrying now. Skype for Business is the best answer to all these questions. And with the help of Communication Square consultants, the deployment is so fast and effective, you can immediately get  to start!

Communication Square can help you deploy the advanced Skype for Business for Virtual Businesses. The Collaboration Solution that provides Instant Messaging & Presence to all your users, along with remote access and federation to any partners. Furthermore, Enterprise Voice deployement will fully highlight the capabilities of Skype for Business, and provide a complete Collaborative environment.

Skype for Business Functionality

Impotantly, that’s not all. The complete functionality of Skype for Business for virtual businesses includes:

1. Free audio and video calls

2. Conference calls-audio and video with up to 250 participants

3. Screen sharing, desktop presenting and remote access

4. File sharing

All these features together, at minimal cost, with no lag time are a coveted combination to aid Business Communication. Whether they are traditionally formal organizations or virtual ones. What are you waiting for? Contact us right now at and get started now!


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