December 22, 2023
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Small Business Financing Benefits from Good Credit

Although small company executives aren't usually told this, having excellent credit makes it easier to secure good credit. Research from Fundera's Small Business Lending Statistics and Trends for 2023 found that 36 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) had their access to small business financing choices rejected due to their credit score. Forbes analysts attribute some of this to people's misunderstanding of credit ratings and bill payment deadlines. 

Understanding credit score components is crucial for business owners to build and keeping a good credit profile. This in turn may increase their possibilities for small business loans Florida

The connection between your individual and company credit ratings 

Particularly while the company's credit profile is being established, many expanding enterprises depend on personal credit to a certain extent to get business funding. Lenders will start looking at the company credit score independently to determine the amount of credit that may be granted once the personal credit score has been used to demonstrate creditworthiness.  

Lenders may continue to look at the personal credit history of company directors and owners until then. To learn more about how to monitor your credit report and keep it in good standing, we penned an article that you can see here. Key points to remember? Make sure your company and personal finances are completely distinct and pay off any outstanding balances before seeking business financing. 

Small firms with good credit ratings have various financing options

Strong credit will boost your company's financial access. Some main ways a strong credit score influences small company financing are: 

  • With strong credit, you can acquire the loans your firm needs when you need them. 

  • With strong credit, you may negotiate better lending arrangements and cheaper interest rates. 

  • Your insurance rates might be reduced. 

  • If you pay your bills on time every month, you may build strong connections with your suppliers and be more flexible when negotiating payment conditions. 

  • Always aim for a strong credit profile, but keep in mind that alternative lenders consider more than simply your score when deciding on your conditions. This is why many expanding companies turn to alternate finance options. 

How to Get Good Credit for Your Small Business: The Three Ps 

Here are the three most important pieces of common knowledge about keeping a good credit score: 

  1. Take the initiative  

If your credit score is poor, check it periodically and take immediate action to improve it. Major credit agencies like Experian and TransUnion give free annual credit reports, while Clear Score allows minimal access and updates it periodically. Use these tools to improve your credit report by examining it annually and fixing faulty information, disputing unfair charges, and notifying the bureau of any recently terminated accounts they may not have known about. 

  1. Take precautions

You may avoid checking your credit score more often than once a year by using one of the many alert systems included in banking applications. These systems can help you monitor your credit history and identify any suspicious behavior. 

Furthermore, by reviewing their company credit ratings before entering a partnership, you may safeguard your cash flow from suppliers and consumers that do not pay. Going the additional mile may be rewarding at times. 

  1. Use caution

Do not open joint checking or savings accounts for your company and your personal finances. Also, avoid applying for many SBA construction loan at once, since this can lower your score. Plus, it's not a good sign for your company's image to apply for several lines of credit all at once. 

Sum up

Small companies need strong credit to get finance. It provides more lending alternatives, better terms, and cheaper interest rates. Small company owners should know their credit ratings, segregate personal and corporate funds, and manage their credit. Maintaining a good credit score requires effort, vigilance, and caution. Alternative lenders assess more than credit score, yet strong credit is vital. Strong credit helps businesses prosper.

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