November 19, 2019
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The Most Important Highlights of Microsoft Ignite, 2019

I just came back from Orlando, Florida, attending the Microsoft Ignite Conference 2019. A week of inspiration, networking, and lots of celebrations!

But don’t feel missed out so let’s catch up on all the actions and insights of Ignite 2019.

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Conference

It was as crazy as it has always been, and the place was buzzing with activity. The talks were exciting because Microsoft is one of the stalwarts in technology. The company has announced dozens of new features, products, and updates. I had spent all week digging into the innovations offered by Microsoft.

Like always, everyone was excited for Satya Nadella to take on the stage. He talked about programming for everyone, empowering ordinary citizen developers, and app development for all. From citizen programmers in Excel, Power Apps, Power Platform, or Power Bi, Microsoft is all about inclusion. Moreover, Satya thinks why everyone can’t do this. This conference was about empowering the ordinary and making programming possible for everyone. Isn’t that igniting?


The most important announcement by Satya was Azure Arc, the hybrid and multi-cloud platform from Microsoft. Microsoft has redefined hybrid and Azure Arc as the new way to manage your servers, virtual machines, and azure data services. Azure Arc will extend the control of Azure.

Looking to the future, Microsoft’s new Swedish Sustainable Data Centers were mentioned. Sweden is viewed as a highly sustainable country and has made strong commitments towards a Fossil Free Sweden. Microsoft is also committed to sustainability and has developed their most advance sustainable data centers in Sweden. The data centers have 100% renewable energy sources and plans for zero-waste operations.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Limitless analytics service also made a highlight. Synapse is the next generation of azure sequel data warehouse that brings together enterprise data, warehousing, and big data analytics into a single unified service. This provides end-to-end analytics at cloud scale.

Another breakthrough from Microsoft research for storing data on quartz glass is Project SilicaProject Silica is a new long-term storage technology which will increase the shelf life of the stored data.

Azure Goes Quantum

The Microsoft Quantum Program is a global scale program. It enables commercial scale quantum computation. It’s about bringing quantum effect to people today and tomorrow.

Another exciting announcement at Ignite this year was .NET Core 3.1The program is a version of .NET Core that you can put on a system for three years. All the open sources are moving extremely fast and need to be upgraded every now and then. Because of this, LTS releases are going to happen every November.

Event Highlights 

  • Azure Stack Edge
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Flow becomes Power Automate
  • Power Platform certification

These will be discussed in our upcoming blogs.          



The biggest takeaway from Ignite 2019 this year was to get everybody on the same page.

The event had a spot-on focus on inclusion and empowerment. They did an excellent job at bringing people together and reminding how fast, interestingly complex, and innovative the tech world is.

Trust Microsoft to Ignite your world.

Contact us to find out more about our Microsoft Solutions. 

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Beyond work he loves playing Chess.

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