June 20, 2018
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Microsoft OCP One Commercial Partner

The Microsoft Partner community is a powerful ecosystem. For years it has continued to be at the center of how companies bring transformation to customers. What is Microsoft OCP? Today, all the Microsoft partners are playing a vital role helping companies adjust to a brand-new way of collaboratingThe business continuity solutions that Microsoft has been delivering will be the foundation of workplace productivity moving forward.

What is Microsoft OCP?
With the aim to always give its clients the best, Microsoft introduced the One Commercial Partner Program in 2017. This unified partner organization combines all its channel-focused resources in one place. By creating the Microsoft OCP, Microsoft responds to the feedback from partners. 

“It brings together the things that work so that every partner can benefit, regardless of size of teams, business model, or geography. This organization is not just partner led, it's partner first, and it was designed to put our focus on your success and growth.” - Microsoft corporate vice president of OCP, Ron Huddleston said.

What is Microsoft OCP?

To understand One Commercial Partner Program, you must understand the system in which Microsoft and its partner companies are working. Partners sell Microsoft Cloud Solutions to various businesses. These companies have different statuses based on their resources and clientele. The OCP is an upgraded status that gives Companies additional resources directly through Microsoft. This help comes in handy when they are deploying a customized solution for a client.

Microsoft’s new OCP initiative is the most visible expression of the change partners. The focus on building and selling with partners represents a major shift in the way Microsoft seeks to understand and connect with the small and midsized businesses. These businesses make up more than 98 percent of U.S. companies.

How Does the One Commercial Program Help Partner Companies?

The OCP Program is a complete reorganization of Microsoft Services. It puts the partners first for the delivery of best-in-class Cloud solutions to customers. Thus, the Partners can now have enhanced capabilities.

  • Built With Team - allows partner channels to build third party solutions in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • Go To Market Team - allows them to stand out in all capabilities with expertise in one area of business solutions. This also helps connect with customers who are looking for that solution.
  • Channel Management Sales Team - allows companies to lend extra support to customers and grab opportunities that can enhance their area of expertise.

How Does Microsoft OCP Help Customers?

The true purpose of the OCP Program is to provide better services to end users and customers. Microsoft has realized that the middleman dealing with customers are the Partner Companies. Therefore, enabling the Partners will mean empowering the customers and providing the customers with best-in-class Cloud solutions.

  • $1.7 Trillion is spent to digitally transform Cloud services for customers. Now customers can experience advanced support and customization in the deployment of solutions.
  • Partners are aligned (work with) with Microsoft to give customized solutions according to the unique business needs of every client. With Microsoft engineers and resources at the disposal of the partner company, you can build your own solution. The Go-To-Market feature of the program helps you find a customized solution that covers all your concerns.
  • Microsoft OCP helps you find a partner company that has expertise in the area you are looking for. As a result, you can find the best team that has experience, knowledge and knows your pain points.

One Commercial Partner Updates

Microsoft supports partners in several ways through their extensive technology portfolio and skill investments. They continue to evolve how they work together to maximize the value of their partnership. Here are some of the things that Microsoft has recently been working on:

Program Updates

  • Increased learning opportunities - Microsoft is giving partners increased access to training, support, and go-to-market services.
  • Focus on differentiated value - Partners now have more options to show their expertise to customers with new competencies and specializations.
  • Rewarding customer success - Partners earn rewards for driving positive outcomes for their customers. Reward models are specifically designed to help build and accelerate growth.

Enhanced Tools

  • Microsoft Partner Center - Partners are joining the Microsoft Partner Center. The center provides a collective experience for partners along with a single place to manage their relationship with Microsoft. Streamlining processes into one place makes it easier for partners to do business with Microsoft.
  • On-demand support - On-demand support Microsoft has been working on new ways to give partners quicker and easier access to Microsoft support.
  • Evolved co-selling programs - To further support their commitment to shared growth and profitability, partners can access co-selling programs. They can accept and share referrals from Microsoft and other partners.

These capabilities are just the beginning. They only scratch the surface. Microsoft continues to prioritize investments that support new opportunities for growth in the future.

Microsoft OCP - Communication Square

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