Unlock Limitless Learning With Managed IT Services for Education

Driving student engagement and focused learning while outside of the classroom can be a challenge, especially for those that are moving to distance learning for the first time. 


Return on Investment for K-12 schools deploying Microsoft solutions.

$34.3 Million

 Worth of Benefits over three years vs costs of $27.4 M, adding up to a net present value.


 The likelihood of a security breach is reduced by 10% & improves overall security and compliance.

How Communication Square Can Help Your Educational Institute

  1. 1
    Business continuity planning with secure and reliable backup management.
  2. 2
    Creates security groups for use across Office 365 including Teams policy.
  3. 3
    Membership sync with SIS/LMS to maintain student membership changes.
  4. 4
    Onsite technical assistance days to mentor school staff or to assist you with device deployments
  5. 5
    Secure, reliable, real-time telecommunications
  6. 6
    Additional flexibility and control with Managed IT Services for Education.

Let Us help You Find the Right Technology for your school

Our Simple 4 Step Process

Step 1 - Cloud Strategy Call

In this 30-Minute session, a Cloud Solutions Consultant would listen to your needs and suggest a solution that suits your requirements and ensure an excellent user experience. We limit each customer to a maximum of 1 strategy call.

Step 2 - Project Planning & Cloud Readiness Assessment

Depending on the business requirement, a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions Consultant would review your existing environment in-depth and prepare a report that lists down the key elements that your business processes would benefit from by migrating to the cloud along with any challenges, and a step by step execution plan.

Step 3 - Project Execution & Change Management

Our Consultant would execute the project in line with Deployment and Security Best Practices within the agreed timelines based on the Assessment Report & Project Plan Document.

Step 4 - Training & Adoption

For the final step, we ensure that your team is fully trained and ready to adopt the new digital workplace and the transition to the cloud is as smooth, maximizing productivity.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Technology For Your School

Why Communication Square?

We ensure risk free migration with zero downtime and effective change management, ensuring a seamless transition, minimal disruption and user adoption by providing end user support that help grow your institute with a custom solution.

There are additional benefits in working with a provider like Communication Square, such as our unique strength as a firm who has both Professional Services and Managed IT Services for Education position us to serve you well. We give you the tools, you make it happen.

We Use Our Experience To Create Yours!

  • Fast-Track Enabled Microsoft Partner
  • 7 Million+ Microsoft Cloud Seats Sold
  • Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner
  • Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)


Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

Bryan Kuester President

Kuester Management Group

We have been working with Communication Square since 2015. After using Skype for Business for so many years, we were trying to avoid change and not want to move to Teams, until their Support Team demoed to us their own Teams setup, and we suddenly got excited after seeing everything in action. Add onto it the Change Management Process they helped us adopt; it was smooth as in a lake.

Bartosz Bulawa Operations Support Manager

Reynolds Logistics

With more security, monitoring, and collaboration functionality being built into the Microsoft 365 suite, it completes all the pieces of the puzzle for our business continuity and productivity. Microsoft 365 F1 is an important piece of that because it connects Firstline Workers within our organization.

Avella Specialty Pharmacy

The migration of Skype for Business & Exchange to Office 365 was not an easy job as the slightest mistake can result in huge problems but with the intelligent planning and execution done by Communication Square, a Microsoft Gold Partner - everything went smoothly.

Managed Services for Education FAQs

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  • Features - teams for Education

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  • Use Cases

  • setup & Migration

How do meetings work in Microsoft teams?

Microsoft Teams has multiple meeting options. Any Teams Meeting can be Audio Only or Video and Screen Share as well. Particpants can also join meetings by Dialing In to the Confernece Number (if Dial-In Audio Conferencing is Enabled). 
Additionally, Microsoft Teams also supports holding Teams Live Events, a solution for Town Hall Style Meetings and Webinars. 

Can teams help auto schedule meetings?

Microsoft Teams has a built in Scheduling Assistant that can help find available times in the calendar to ensure you are booking people abased on their calendar availability. 

How can Teams help me restrict access between departments?

With Teams we can restrict permissions based on groups or individuals for each of the created Teams 

Do I get a Phone number with Teams?

 Teams Premium Plan gives you the ability to request a new Phone Number or port an existing phone number from one of the supported countries and regions

Can anyone use Microsoft teams (including guests)?

Anyone can join Teams Meeting as a Guest using Audio, Video and Chat only! Guests can also be added into Teams and Channels with limited permissions and capabilties.

Does Microsoft Teams include Emails?

Microsoft Teams is a chat based communication platform that does not include Emails. Emails are part of Microsoft 365 offerings. Our Standard Plan gives you the appropriate Microsoft 365 Package with access to Teams and Work Emails. We can also help you migrate your old Emails to Microsoft 365.

Can I use Microsoft Teams to book meeting with Customers?

You can use Microsoft Teams to book meetings with anyone including guest particpants (who do not have Teams License). Additionally, with the  Microsoft Bookings Add-On customers can also book meetings with your staff directly from the webpage.

What is Microsoft Cloud PBX? 

Phone System (Microsoft Cloud PBX) allows you to replace your existing on-premises PBX system with a set of features delivered from Microsoft 365 that is tightly integrated into your cloud experience.

What is Microsoft Teams direct routing? 

Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing let's you connect a supported, customer-provided Session Border Controller (SBC) to Microsoft Phone System. With this capability, for example, you can configure on-premises Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity with Microsoft Teams client 

What is Microsoft 365 audio conferencing? 

Audio Conferencing in Microsoft 365 enables users to call in to meetings from their phones. Audio Conferencing allows up to 250 phone attendees.

Does Microsoft Teams use VoIP? 

Yes, Teams comes with VOIP plus Cloud Phone System covering many major regions of the world for its PSTN calling capability. Need more details to VoIP? 

Can I call a landline from Teams? 

Yes, using Microsoft Teams Phone System PSTN calling is totally a doable thing. 

Can I use Teams to make a phone call? 

Yes, using Microsoft Teams Phone System PSTN calling is totally a doable thing. 

Are Microsoft Teams calls recorded? 

Can you use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing? 

What phones work with Microsoft Teams? 

Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant? 

Are Teams meetings encrypted? 

The data in the Teams Environment is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Microsoft uses industry standard technologies such as TLS and SRTP to encrypt all data in transit between users' devices and Microsoft datacenters.

How many people can join a meeting in Teams? 

Microsoft Teams meetings can be attended by upto 250 participants which shall be incresed to 1,000 participants by Dec 2020. Here are some additional Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams. 

Let Us Help You Find The Right Technology For Your School


Microsoft Gold Competencies

  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Communications
  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Data Platform
  • Gold Data Center
  • Gold Messaging
  • Gold Windows and Devices
  • Gold Independent Software Vendor
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Silver Application Development
  • Silver Small and Mid-market Cloud Solutions