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(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

We generally hear people working in IT talking about the tremendous success of Cloud Computing. The popularity tells us that the Era of Cloud Computing is here. There are no doubts about that. With any new inventions, questions arise out of curiosity as to “when and how” variety, not the “why and who” type.

And yet, despite of un-doubtful agreements around Cloud’s potential; some open questions about proceeding with Cloud Computing still exist in the minds of many Businesses. Any two companies would not have the similar process for Cloud journeys since the basic needs of the Businesses vary.

For some, storage will be the first step to begin with while for others moving on to line-of-business apps. Some businesses will be open to experiment with new platforms first before shifting existing infrastructure while others will be optimistic to Migration. So, a right Cloud and a right first footstep exists for every Business.

The Potential of Cloud Computing

So, the Cloud’s potential is pretty much agreed on as from time to time, the potential or Business Transformation is highlighted. The future of Productivity – for every individual and on every device – lies in a mobile and Cloud first strategy. At times, there’s a conflict of desires for Technology managers and users but the specialty lies in finding the answer for the problem. Therefore, Microsoft believes in empowering the IT to identify root causes and have a solution for every need. A solution to break down the barriers so greater capability lies in the hands of a Business.

One of the emerging key concepts is Hybrid Cloud which holds the ability to seamlessly blend in-Cloud Computing resources. As well as in-house ones to ensure stability, flexibility and feasibility for any amount of workload at an organization. The competitive advantage lies in reducing the difference between locations of resources equal to zero. Giving the user a power to instantly tap into the power storage in all the batteries existing in your house regardless of the place they have installation on. Azure Cloud enables you to make such enhancements and allows cross-region Networking.


But implementing comes with certain concerns. And the major concern where it all comes down to is “Security” for most people. Brick and mortar Businesses have tried and tested technologies developed over time with a firm belief. Especially when it comes to backup, storage, protection and encryption of Data. If you can imagine an era where Cloud-based assets can be more resilient and safe then in -house storage houses; then that imagination is more of a reality now with Microsoft Azure with enhanced Encryption and Data-loss prevention technologies for our Productivity tools.

Users have been extremely delighted with Office 365 services coming to more mobile devices and platforms. Individuals literally love the idea of being able to work anywhere, at any time, on any screen that happens to fit their need at a certain time.  There is a need for creation of new generation Management tools to break the barrier between desire and freedom of choice. Windows In-tune and Office 365 holds capabilities that will help customers protect their Data from anywhere they want.

Finally, we know that it’s always developers that make any new Computing environment work together for everyone. While the developers have their expertise; half of that lies in the deployment and training or using Cloud Computing while adapting them to our customer’s unique requirements. For that assistance, Communication Square will always feel pride to be your number 1 choice.

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