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Learn How Cloud Computing Can Help You Decrease Spending by 2.7%!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the new sensation that is redefining business the practices of the business world. Cloud Computing in its most generic form is a general term that is in use for the delivery of a variety of hosting services over the Internet.

Also it allows organizations to use Computing resources quite similar to utilities like electricity. More importantly without having to build or maintain the Computing infrastructures On-premises.

Why Opt for Cloud Computing?

A business has many unique IT needs. However, maintaining the integrity of the Data, making sure that it is available at the right time for all the right stakeholders whilst ensuring its Security our common concerns of every organization. A low cost Solution to all these concerns is Cloud Computing; it helps decrease hardware costs, makes Data processing more efficient, and makes information more easily to access.

Also it enables organizations to securely access pertinent Data anywhere, anytime! Meanwhile the time for the sensitive hard disks is long gone, all you need are your credentials and access your Data from any device, no matter where you are.

There has been increasing amount of evidence that suggests that Cloud Computing

  1. Allows flexibility with regard to any new updates needed in storage capacity, changes in bandwidth etc.
  2. Allows for Collaboration, regardless of where a person or business location is.
  3. Makes you more mobile. As a result you no longer only have a single platform for accessing Data, you can have Data available on the gadget you want.

If that’s not enough, according to a new JP Morgan Survey comprising of 200 Chief Information Officers of companies that have annual budgets greater than $600 million; Cloud Computing can help decrease your spending by 2.7%.

If that doesn’t convince you, guess what? It is a prediction that Cloud Computing is about to enter a second wave; whereby the current 16% of the workload management on Cloud will increase to a whopping 41% In 5 years.

Some Cloud Computing Options

The mega-IT vendors that has been ranked at the best position to take advantage of the undergoing shift to Cloud architecture is Microsoft, with 46.9% of the respondents favoring it! Read below for some the Cloud Services that Microsoft has to offer.

Office 365 is one example that allows businesses to subscribe to different plans that gives them access to various different Microsoft Office applications that have been enabled over the Internet like 'Skype for Business' and Microsoft Exchange, etc.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is another Cloud service that helps extend the IT environments of businesses to the largest network of secure private connections, that provides storage Solution at optimally high security.

Get a Start Today!

What are you waiting for? Jump on the Cloud Computing bandwagon right now with Communication Square to avail all the different benefits. Visit our website today or contact us now for further queries. 

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