New Features of Office 365 to Protect Valuable Data

News features of Office 365 to protect valuable Data
New Features of Office 365 to Protect Valuable Data Communication Square 07:36
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

Data security is a major issue for businesses and organizations today. So ensuring that your Data is secure is becoming more important every day and vital to business operations.

By understanding the significance and importance of your Data, Office 365 has introduced Intelligence to help you proactively manage risk and ward off threats. It will become easier for you to manage risk and stay ahead of threats because of the introduction of several new capabilities in Office 365,

New Features of Office 365

Here are some of the new features been introduced in Office 365 with the purpose of protecting valuable Data.

Office 365 Secure Score

A new Security Analytics Tool that applies a score to Office 365 customers’ current Office 365 security configuration.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence Private Preview

Service that leverages billions of Data points from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to provide actionable insights to the global threat landscape and help customers stay ahead of cyber Threats. Office 365 Threat Intelligence is now in private preview and with general availability planned for later this quarter.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance Preview

Applies machine learning to help customers find and retain the most important Data to them while eliminating redundant, obsolete and trivial Data that could cause risk if compromised. Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is now in preview, with general availability in the pipeline later this quarter.

Score Analyzer

Allows you to track and report on your score over time. The graph shows your Secure Score on any date in the past, what specific actions you completed and which actions were available to you. Meanwhile, you can export your score results to a CSV file for easy Planning and Communication with your organizations.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence provides this visibility, along with rich insights and recommendations on mitigating Cyberthreats. Ultimately supporting a proactive defense posture, leading to long-term reduced organizational costs.


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