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Secure Cloud with Microsoft EMS

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

In today’s mobile first, cloud first world, it has become the biggest challenge for the companies to keep control over their data, users and the mobile devices. Thus Microsoft has introduced a very cost-effective and comprehensive solution EMS, to face this ever-growing challenge. Microsoft EMS is a wide-ranging suite that contains all the products you need in order to secure your business completely. It includes all the basic solutions ranging from Identity Level Security to Information present in your applications. Microsoft EMS offers you layers of security starting from authenticating your identity till protecting your data with advance technologies. Don't wait any further and secure cloud wit Microsoft EMS Today.

It includes following components:

  1. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium
  2. Microsoft Intune
  3. Microsoft Information Protection
  4. Microsoft Cloud App Security
  5. Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium

Gone are the days when people used to work in office premises on desktops PCs, now everybody wants to bring their own devices and use their favorite applications to get the work done. In this case, it becomes a real fatigue for IT admin to keep a check and balance on employee’s activity. AAD Premium offers you some great services to let your employees work their way and you can still keep control.

  • Self-service Password Reset to save time and reduce help-desk calls.
  • Multi-factor Authentication, thus double the security.
  • Single Sign On across number of SaaS applications so users don’t have to remember multiple passwords.
  • Intelligent security reports for deeper visibility so appropriate actions can be taken on time.
  • In addition, Two-way sync capability across cloud and your on-premises directory.

AAD Premium has two Versions, P1 and P2

Azure Active Directory Premium P1
Azure Active Directory Premium P2
Single Sign-On To Cloud And On-Premise Apps
Privileged Identity Management
MFA, Conditional Access, Advanced Security Reporting
Identity Protection
All features of P1

For detailed difference between AAD P1 and  AAD P2, visit here.

Microsoft Intune

Use of mobile devices for work has become a need nowadays because employees want to be productive and work from virtually anywhere. They need to get in touch with corporate data on all of their devices either laptops, tablets or smartphones. This can be a potential risk that company data resides in a user’s personal device but with Microsoft Intune, it is NOT!

Intune offers following services for these challenges:

  1. Conditional Access
  2. Mobile Application Management
  3. Mobile Device Management across all platforms
  4. Application level and Device Level Selective and Full wipe.
  5. Extends System Centre Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection
  6. Furthermore it Manages Email profiles, VPN, Wi-Fi policies through Intune.

Azure Information Protection

The need to share corporate resources within your organization and outside your organization on daily basis is inevitable. But are we sure that the document we just sent away is in safe hands? Is it being misused because it is not only accessible by the right person? Well answer to these questions can be YES if we are leveraging Azure Information Protection.

Azure Information protection has following features with which you can securely share your documents:

  1. Automatic and Manual Classification as well as Labeling depending upon data.
  2. In Place Document Encryption.
  3. Permission based Document Sharing.
  4. Document Tracking.
  5. Document Revocation at any time.
  6. and finally, Deployment and Management Flexibility.
Azure Information Protection P1
Azure Information Protection P2
Encryption for Files and Emails
Automatic Data Classification
Cloud Based File Tracking
All Features of P1

For detailed difference between AIP P1 and AIP P2, visit here.

Microsoft Cloud App Security (CAS)

Microsoft EMS Cloud App Security gives you control so you can detect the risks at an early stage by deep visibility into user’s cloud apps. CAS discovers all the cloud applications being used in your environment and all devices. There are no agents required for that and it also gives you complete visibility and context for shadow IT. Furthermore CAS also allows you to control the data sharing and DLP and with Microsoft threat Intelligence, you get advance threat protection as well.

CAS provides following benefits for your business:

  1. Discover all existing cloud apps in your network
  2. Gives you control over discovered apps.
  3. Visibility and control—no agents required
  4. Risk Assessments
  5. Data retention and Compliance

Furthermore, visit here For more information

Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics (ATA)

Advance Threat Analytics of Microsoft EMS is an on-premise solution that helps to protect your environment from cyber-attacks. It analyzes user and entity behavior and detects any abnormal activity in the environment and alerts before it gets too late. In banking sector, it is a very common practice, it monitors the customer’s normal usage pattern and generate an alert in case of any irregular activity so that you can take appropriate action.

It has following key features:

  1. Behavioral analytics for advanced threat discovery
  2. Detects known malicious attacks.
  3. Alerts for suspicious activities
  4. Actionable Recommendations so Precautionary Steps could be taken.

That’s all about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Contact us for more information or visit our website

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