June 8, 2020

Why is Now the Best Time to Invest in Microsoft Azure Cloud?

The biggest trend that has redefined Business practices in the past few years is the Technological shift. While the evolution from large desktop computers to sleeker workstations and hand held devices, faster browsing and multiple different applications is the visible shift everyone knows about, there is another component of this Technological advancement that can completely re-conceptualize the way Businesses manage their operations.

With the constant innovation in the race for cutting edge Technology, interestingly, the prices for Technology have not decreased; but have substantially increased. The hardware is expensive, but the need to constantly update is a major expense that organizations rightfully see as a pain.

But thankfully, gone are the days when companies actually have to bear that expense themselves; now they can simply use Cloud Services to Migrate operations to a virtual location; hence one of the best ideas is to invest in Microsoft Azure Cloud, a well-recognized and trusted platform.

Free Infographic: 6 benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop 

54% of IT professionals believe that remote working is a greater risk to their business. But it doesn’t have to be when you have Windows Virtual Desktop.

Talking about Cloud, it seems pretty technical, but here is all that one needs to know to make a viable decision. Platforms like Microsoft Azure have Management in two different ways; either On Premise servers, or on Cloud.

As can be well imagined, On Premise servers require considerable investment in form of hardware, hardware updates. They necessitate the need for having a full support staff available to manage the servers. Alternately, if these services were on Cloud, the companies could enjoy the same functionality and benefits, without incurring any cost on hardware and its updates, and the Cloud will be managed by a specialist third party vendor eliminating the need for having support staff.

Here is Why Companies Need to Move Azure to Cloud Right Now!

  • Save money on hardware cost and updates
  • Microsoft offers great incentives and offers for the migration from on premise to cloud
  • Expert deployment and support services makes the transition super easy and seamless
  • It is easy to dispose of unused servers
  • It offers availability; you can increase or decrease servers as per your convenience, no wasted costs for unused servers.

The best thing is that the entire transition doesn’t have to be in one go. Move servers to the cloud partially, and the skeptical ones can evaluate the results for themselves. For more information about Azure Cloud, or Migration to Azure Cloud, please feel free to contact us and get the process underway with the professional help of a Microsoft Gold Partner.

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2021)

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