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Windows Admin Center


What is Windows Admin Center?

We all heard about Project Honolulu at Microsoft Ignite 2017. Microsoft has officially released it as Windows Admin Center recently on April 12th, 2018. There are huge expectations that it will simplify an IT administrator’s life. The whole idea behind Windows Admin Center is to centralize all the administrative tools. It simplifies tasks, modernize the management and enhance the overall flexibility.

Windows Admin Center a browser-based tool with graphical interface. It is an evolution on the traditional “In-Box Management Tools” like MMC and Server Manager. It supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome; in addition to that it manages Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, and more.

Features of Windows Admin Center

Familiar Tool-sets and Functionality

Although the interface of Windows Admin Center is new but, still the overall experience is going to be quite familiar for the users. It contains all the tools that we use currently to manage our servers such as MMC, Server Manager, Task Manager etc.

Easy to Deploy and Use

It offers direct installation on Windows 10. Install it on Windows Server 2016 acting as a very light gateway and thus, manage your server. As a result, you can publish it to DNS as well. Give required access to corporate firewalls to securely use it from anywhere, and manage your servers.

​Integration with Azure

Connect Windows Admin Center to the cloud to take most advantage out of it. You can integrate it with Azure Site Recovery for protecting your virtual machines; or connect it with your Azure Active Directory; and as a result, manage users and groups.

Extensible Design

The design is extensible. It will help the future 3rd party tools in integration. As of now, it provides the option to integrate SCOM and OMS with it. Therefore, these specifications enhance the reporting feature of the product.

​Increased Security

When it comes to Microsoft, how can we forget security? Windows Admin Center provides a centralized point of management for your server environment. It can be risky to give someone the access to your complete environment. But now you can control the access to the Management and configure RBAC (Role Based Access Control). Thus, improve the security posture of your servers. You can also use Event Logging in it to gain insights into management activities going on in your environment.

Windows Admin Center is now generally available Microsoft is supporting it for the for production environment. Microsoft is soon going to release Windows Server 2019. Windows Admin Center is optimized for the upcoming OS but it also works well with Windows server 2012 and later. Click here to know more about windows admin center. 

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