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Overcoming the Obstacles: Office 365 Migration is NOT Difficult at all!


Migrating to Office 365 makes Sharing and Communication on the Cloud all the more easier for small, medium and large organizations. If companies leverage the Microsoft Cloud, that can greatly reduce corporate expenditures on IT infrastructure and its upkeep. Businesses are increasingly shifting to Office 365 for the benefits it offers. But they are definitely skeptical about the transitioning, as well as the adaptation process. We have collected a few tips to help your organizations tackle the hurdles the might face whilst moving to Office 365.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Even when people understand the supposed benefits of the Cloud, they are concerned about its Security. Saving Data on premises means that they have full control of it; while there is nervousness about Data being exposed to hackers or just not being able to fully control it when it is on the Cloud. They are valid concerns and the reluctance is understandable. However, if people are well aware of Cloud usage, and they are comfortable with the idea, then it comprises of limitless potential. Using a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner for deployment can resolve the issue completely!

Meeting Unique Needs

It is quite understandable that each Business has their unique requirements, which implies that their Data Security needs would also vary. Organizations are quite concerned with the level of flexibility that is affordable when managing their Data on the Cloud; but Office 365 has a Solution for that as well. The different options like the hybrid one allows companies to keep sensitive information in their private Data centers. While tools like email, SharePoint and the corporate intranet are shifted to the Office 365 Cloud.

There is as much flexibility as an organization requires. It just needs deployment in a manner that best suits the needs of a particular enterprise.

The Road Map

There is no doubt that Migration is quite a seamless process until there is proper planning. And more importantly, phasing the process out to ensure that there is no down time.  Problems often arise due to lack of proper planning concerning the Migration. If companies opt for a quick Office 365 Migration along with getting all additional features; and there is no well-formulated strategy at the back end to accommodate this, this could be a rather costly mistake. An effective roll out plan is essential for the Migration to be successfully effective.

Resistance to Change

Quite often, the problem occurs when Management fail to anticipate that the organization might resist, no matter how small a change might be. To avoid any such hassles, the best course of action would be to educate all the stakeholders and get them on board with the idea before complete roll out. Stakeholders acceptance is a major success factor when it comes to such Migrations.

It is always a great idea to get a Microsoft Gold Partner on board to make the process easy. Communication Square can help organizations not only plan these Migrations, but can arrange for introductory sessions and tutorial. This is to ensure you get the best use out of this Migration whilst maintaining and constantly improving the quality of your work output. For further information, please feel free to Contact us at Communication Square.

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