Office 365 Vs G Suite

By Farwah Aslam | Collaboration

Jul 25


Bring your own device, this is an apt acronym to describe the workplace of the future. Where all you need to do is to run an IT company is an optional office space, everything else can is accessible on your employees devices via cloud servers. No more tacky files and tangled wires. Welcome to an office where everything happens online. Even a combined workplace isn’t necessary, your employees can work from the comfort of their home.

Technology has enabled workplaces to transcend physical boundaries and evolve into a platform. So you can access from your home and on the go. Keeping all your important documents and even software on cloud servers with rapid accessibility, editing and sharing functionality.

Office 365 vs G Suite

Discussion of virtual businesses can not be complete without expanding on the purveyors of said platforms in the IT market. Tech giants Microsoft and Google are the first that come to mind. Microsoft being an older and well established compared to Google's relatively new entry into the foray, Office 365 and G suite being their respective names.

G suite's capabilities current focus on establishing good communication between partners and employees in a business. Whereas Office 365 utilizes the full arsenal of the impressive Microsoft product line up. These all meld with new Windows 10 operating system allow true integration and representation of your business in your device. SharePoint allows you to download, modify and create files from any of the Microsoft Office applications such as Word or PowerPoint. Videos and other sensitive content can be hosted in a secure environment, housed inside the Azure Media rostrum. Which opens up a whole world of accessibility for both large and small business owners.

Along with the mentioned features both Office 365 and G suite offer almost 1TB of cloud space for documents and other files. Multi-parity HD video, content sharing and even shared calendars that keep you up to date  and in sync all of your office team members.  There is also the attractive opportunity to create your own business class email address that incorporates your brand name so you can connect better with costumers and build name recognition for your brand.

Furthermore Office 365 integrates Yammer and Skype into its impressive line up to make for a cohesive virtual office. Microsoft comes out as a winner owing to its greater range and adaptability with both of these tech giants employing a similar payment plan. For further details visit our website

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