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What’s this “MyAnalytics” thing in Office 365?


Welcome to humanity 2.0; our world has evolved to a point where we demand precision and excellence in all aspects of our daily routine. We now exist in a domain where abstract ideas and concepts are not considered tangible anymore. As we evolve, so have the tools to measure our productivity; you can track the numbers of steps you have walked in a day, your total caloric intake and even how productive your day at the office has been. Perseverance commands success, is an age old adage but persistence and perseverance without a modicum of measure is a waste. That’s like running around in circles, you may lose your breath but you’ll end up reaching nowhere. So now we come to the good part, there are several ways to tackle every job; working hard, working smart or a combination of the two.

Transformation from Delve Analytics to MyAnalytics

In 2017 Microsoft announced the evolution of personal analytics in Office 365 with Microsoft MyAnalytics, formerly known as Delve Analytics. What is MyAnaltics? Well, MyAnalytics is an Office 365 adjunct application software that helps you focus on what matters most in your work place by providing personalized insights about how you spend your time at work. Microsoft pioneered and then succeeded in perfecting the capabilities that had been available in Delve Analytics. And now MyAnalytics will allow you to stay up-to-date with important contacts, share key metrics with a coach and help you prioritize the time you spend with different groups in your organization.

It creates a virtual dashboard that can effectively be seen as a hybrid between Facebook and a fitness tracker. Imagine you have a big project coming up, involving a lot of different people; with MyAnalytics, you can pin important contacts from inside and outside your organization to your MyAnalytics dashboard to get insights into how you are collaborating. Likewise, you might see that someone critical to your project is being left out of the loop; you can then effectively tackle and remedy this situation. How? Reach out to them to make sure that you’re both up-to-date on the latest project details. Also key metrics and details about conferences are shareable among colleagues for guidance, resources and knowledge can pool to both increase productivity and make the overall working experience much more satisfactory. Contact us for further details. 

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