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Jan 18

The modern Business era is a characterization of a lot of important internal organizational Communication receives. In fact, malfunctioning Communication processes is the number one root cause for the downfall of enterprises like Enron, British Petroleum, WorldCom, and many others around the world.

We know that poor internal Communication results in the development of a culture of distrust in the organization. This causes the workforce not being able to rely on each other to solve problems efficiently, it is quite demotivating and results in reduced Productivity of employees that in turn adversely affects the overall work climate. Therefore, it is wise recommendation that all organizations must strive to eliminate any and all internal barriers; by keeping the employees involved, individual performance as well as Collaborative Teamwork will get a significant boost.

With the need for improved Communication, there have been many different Solutions in the form of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs). Microsoft’s enterprise social network is called Yammer, and in a very short time its popularity became evident. Yammer is currently the leading face of Enterprise Social Network in the industry, which is saying something when so many different platforms like Tibbr, Jive and SocialCast are also present.

Here is why Yammer is the BEST Enterprise Social Network!

Yammer offers a wide variety of features; from group creation to provision of Collaborative works pace for Teams to organize Data, sharing files and gathering feedback, Yammer has it all. Yammer is also extremely useful when it comes to identifying experts in different fields, and allows you to connect with relevant people from the Member Directory. Companies can create their profiles add pictures, and put up all basic information pertaining to company’s portfolio. Individuals can also set up their profiles in the same way, highlighting their skill set. External groups are addable that would allow inviting customers, partners and vendors to access relevant information directly from the group.

Yammer is the preferable ESN choice of more than 85% of the fortune 500 Hundred Companies; whether they are start-ups or global organizations!

Yammer has been included in Office 365 subscription plans, and can also be used as a standalone service. There is a mobile app for Yammer as well.

Yammer is the optimal platform; for enhancing internal Communication, connecting people and providing quick and easy access to all the pertinent information. It makes Collaborating with different stakeholders very easy, and the fluid relay of information between all the relevant parties help to increase work Productivity.

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