June 18, 2020
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5 Reasons Your Business needs to Migrate to Office 365

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve Operational Efficiency to enhance Productivity. Many times, major positive changes can also be brought by concentrating on back end processes and refining them to help meet success goals. Over the past few years, there have been tremendous improvements and innovations in the IT sector that helps Businesses perform better. Therefore, there is no excuse for you to be sticking to using outdated Technologies. You are only hurting your Business in the process! Here's why you need Migration to Microsoft 365.

Introducing Office 365!

Office 365 is a comprehensive enterprise Solution for managing the most updated versions of

  • the Microsoft Office;
  • Platforms like Skype for Business for enhanced connectivity;
  • Exchange mail and online storage;
  • Microsoft SharePoint for Collaborative document and file sharing;
  • CRM Dynamics for managing customer relationships; and
  • Enterprise Social Networks.

Migration to Microsoft 365

As it's apparent, Microsoft has got some great Business applications, and you can customize your Office 365 Package to include the most relevant one.

5 Signs When Your Business Needs to Migrate to Office 365

Here are the 5 signs that your business needs Migration to Microsoft 365 for improving Performance:

1. If You Have Increased Need for Effective Communication

Whether it is managing internal Communication in real time, or engaging with stakeholders, Office 365 with its Skype for Business platforms allows you to make audio & video calls, and conference calls, PSTN Calls, share files; share desktop screen and different programs; and conduct virtual meetings

2. If You Need to Enhance Connectivity

In case you don’t know, Yammer is an Enterprise social network incorporated into Office 365. Moreover, Yammer is an excellent tool for increasing interactions between similar players in the industry, talent hunting. It is like Facebook, but for Businesses.

3. If You Need to Share Information in Real Time

If you have offices in multiple locations, or even a large number of employees, it gets extremely difficult for everyone to manage files and documents that need to be shared with other people. So, Microsoft SharePoint in incorporated in Office 365 and lets you do exactly that; you can upload documents here for all relevant people to see, making updates and relaying Information in the quickest possible manner.

4. If  You are Worried About Data Loss

Data is the backbone of your business. The Office 365 secure Data Solutions ensure that your information is safe, has a back up and is available for use whenever in need of it.

5. If Your Employees Work Requirements Have Them Step Away from Their Desks

Ever heard your employee say “It would have to wait, I don’t have access to my computer!” well no more. Using Office 365 means having access to company Data from mobiles, tablets, laptops; all on the go.

For more information, contact us today and migrate to Office 365 right now!

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