Why Delve is my Favorite Office 365 Tool?

By Communication Square | Collaboration

Nov 03

If you have been looking for a feature to sort through the most important information and document; Microsoft has a Solution for you; Office 365 has a new tool, Delve, which does exactly that! This new tool shows all your Documents that you have on Office 365. Whether they are OneDrive for Business, or any other site in Office 365. This makes life unimaginably simpler, and that is why Delve is my favorite tool in Office 365.

We all know how important profile Management is, profiles are just like a business card and Delve has features that allows us the view our colleagues’ profiles, as well as edit our own. the tool allows its users to view, edit and share each other’s documents, but only the documents they have authorization for. It cannot in any way change permissions, so a user will only be able see documents that they have been allowed access to. You needn’t worry for there is no way others will be able to view your private documents. The very straightforward idea behind Delve is the creation of a Collaborative environment that help expose relevant documents to a number of users within the organization.

Interesting Features of Delve

Another feature of interest within Delve is that of the Board. The delve board enables us users to group documents as per our particular needs. And we can get back to them at any time. These boards can also be shared, like a board created for all relevant documents pertaining a certain project can be jointly viewed by all the project Team members. As someone who really finds Delve useful, I think it is the logical extension of SharePoint that allows each user a personalized view of the content on Office 365. Whether you are an Android or an IOS user, Delve is available to provide ease of access and is extremely user-friendly.

Delve in addition to being a great Collaborative tool. It also serves as an enterprise Social Networking tool because of the way it allows us to search for and connect with other users. Accessing the E-mail ID of a particular user is quite easy. And the notification icon near the top of the window displays any new message that you get. Also, Delve archives all documents sent and received through Email.

Delve has the full potential of fast becoming an essential tool for easily managing document sharing; viewing documents as well as editing them. It is easy to use and makes document Management so much easier. Hence saving a lot of valuable time and energy. Be quick to jump on the bandwagon of this new trend to avail the full benefits offered by it. For further details, feel free to Contact us or visit our Website


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