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Nov 19

Dependence on digital tools and software to boost business and management at workplace is now inevitable. Microsoft has been the most promising organization to deliver revolutionary products. It has been globally active to provide products that optimize ease of access. These products ensure ease of communication and collaboration though networks, organizations and even at homes. It launched Microsoft Office 365 which was a huge success with companies wanting to empower employees and increase their productivity and now Microsoft has launched Microsoft Teams which is an expansion on the existing features of Microsoft Office 365.

What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a chat based work space in Microsoft Office 365. The application allows you to create and manage teams in virtual space as if it all were happening in your own office. It brings context to the work experience of organizations by assimilating all components of work force i.e. people, conversations, and shared content into a single space.

Microsoft Teams is doing its best to provide which has been the goal of Microsoft and its competitors i.e. Unified Communication Solution in a single client. With Microsoft Teams out in the market, that goal seems nearer than ever before. See a demo and feel the difference and improvement on already existing options for yourself here.

Key Features

  • Imagine calls in an innovative way: It automatically imports contacts from Skype For Business, and saves conversations with contacts.
  • Get enhanced accessibility: The voice mail is transcribed improving ease of use and efficiency.
  • Appear smart before a meeting: Microsoft Teams imports all files into a meeting before it starts
  • Save your time: The Outlook add-in detects members' availability and suggests time for meetings. Any member can hop in and out of meetings.
  • Break barriers in communication: Provides the option of dial in participation for online meetings.
  • Get optimum efficiency: Records meetings with closed caption and transcription.
  • Get ease of access: The smart search tool allows for any specific word to be searched in a recorded meeting. Just type-in the word and you'll be taken to the point where it was used.
  • Upgrade your management: Create a team in Microsoft Teams, add members to a team, add channels and connectors to the existing teams, and maintain multiple teams.
  • Enhanced visual experience: Observe the progress and activities of all teams in real time with notifications.

Availability of Microsoft Teams

On March 14, 2017 Microsoft Teams was launched for general availability. It is available in 181 countries and 19 languages on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and web apps. The intended purpose of the launch was for business only clients. It doesn't include any consumer version or free trial subscription.

Why do you Need Microsoft Teams?

Business cannot work in isolation to its environment. Superstructures of change in the modern world are reshaping large and small businesses. Now employees working at any organization are much more diverse. They are ethnically heterogeneous, different in age groups, and globally distributed. Furthermore, they are aware of the world more than ever before, thanks to the internet and social media. Diversity in workforce and global forces of change demand new tools of collaboration to be implemented at workplace.

Today’s workplace is just not an office. Gone are the days when people followed and repeat a routine until they were bored out of their minds. Now organizations want to motivate their employees by empowering them. Microsoft has been introducing tools which make employee’s work experience a whole lot meaningful. Tools developed by Microsoft have been helping organizations to optimize employee performance and increase productivity.

Why Microsoft Teams has an Edge Over the Other Available Options?

The other products available with similar features are Skype for Business and Slack. Microsoft Teams stands out on its own; providing what is the goal of all its competitors i.e. Unified Communication Solution with only one client. One client that provides context to all conversations, meetings and content shared by employees in an organization.

Skype for Business provides integration to different applications such as calling, conferencing, video interoperability between different platforms, Outlook and Share Point. Microsoft teams has eliminated the need for integration with too many apps. Most office applications are built-in in Microsoft Teams. `

It performs automated transfer of information from Skype for Business thus, eliminating the need to hop around multiple windows. It helps avoid confusion while working. Now whatever you need to perform a business task is put together in one place. It is bringing to the table what this millennium is all about i.e. context to a task.

Are you a dreamer? Have you thought about taking your business to a new world? Have you imagined a world where collaboration and communication in virtual space feels real? As real as it were happening in your own office before your very eyes. If you want to be the part of an experience that is interactive and tangible. If you want to feel your business ideas blooming into reality, Microsoft Teams is for you.

Microsoft Teams Vs Skype for Business

Product Name



Instant Messaging


Thread Chat

Voice Call

Video Call

Group Meetings

Scheduled Meetings

Broadcast Meetings

Mobile Platform

PSTN Dialing

PSTN Calling

Video Interoperability

Meeting Room System

Office (Share Point, Outlook, Office Online) Integration

Client Software

Access To Planner

Access to Files/Share Point

Access to One Note

Office 365 Group Connectors

Microsoft teams has eliminated the need for too many integrations and extensions to multiple applications and is bringing to the table what this millennium is all about i.e. context.

Slack is another application currently in use for communication and collaboration at workplace. Slack is a massaging app for business organizations. It assembles all conversations and files of a team into one place. With its features of threaded conversations, deep integration with the Office 365 and a user interface; Microsoft Teams is doing its best to replace Slack. But Slack is fighting back. In an open letter to Microsoft they announced that slack is here to stay.

Microsoft Teams Vs Slack

Microsoft Teams
Manages team conversation by making a channel. Every member of the team has a view of the channel. Channel can be a project or a meeting
Same functions and features
Private (Channels/Groups)
Secures sensitive data by making private channels. Only authorized team members can access that data.
Same functions and features
Direct Messaging
Send your team members direct message with complete privacy and security.
Same functions and features
Files (Drag, Drop and Share)
All PDFs, spreadsheets, documents and files can be directly unloaded into slack and shared with whomever you want
Same functions and features
One Drive
Does not support Microsoft One Drive
Capability of supporting one drive
Integration and Applications
Extensive integration with other apps is available for consumer use
Same functions and features

How It Can Give Leverage to Your Business?

How Can You Subscribe?

For now, Microsoft Teams is only available within the Microsoft Office 365. Here is a comparison of all Office 365 plans subscription. For further details of all subscription plans click here.

Office 365 subscription packages details: Got questions? Contact us for answers


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