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2 Reasons You Should Use Skype for Business to Reduce Expenses

The end purpose of any Business is to generate Profit. Everybody wants their day to day functions to run smoothly while incurring minimal costs on the requisite operating expenses. The higher your expenses, the bigger the cut in the Profit. So if you are looking to cut down on those whopping large bills without compromising on efficiency and Productivity, we have a great Solution for you.

Skype for Business could be a God send for your Business, and can help you virtually eliminate any budget that you previously had to allocate to your Communication expenses.

Here Is How Skype for Business Can Reduce Costs

Utility Bill for Phones

Whether it is for Internal Communication between offices at different locations, or for contacting stakeholders outside of the company, phone bills are quite a major operating expense. Imagine having in place a system that allows you to

  • place unlimited audio and video calls;
  • have limitless audio and video conferencing sessions;
  • send instant messages;
  • easily send documents;

because this is all that Skype for Business can offer you. Once you have chosen the most relevant package as per your Business needs, all you have to do is pay the very economical one time cost for the entire year and you are good to go!

Whether it is that 1 call or 100 VOIP calls, it is all the same with Skype for Business Cloud PBX feature(read here to find out what Cloud PBS is and how its a game changer) and therefore, you will notice a substantial reduction in your costs. Even if you use the PSTN feature, each user gets a certain number of inbound and outbound calling minutes, which amounts to way less than it would cost to make those calls over traditional phone systems.

Save on Extravagant Quarterly and Annual Meetings​​​​

If you have offices at many different locations and it’s a necessity for you to get everyone together on periodic bases, you don’t have to bear the expense of that meeting anymore. Skype for Business allows you to set up meetings, audio and video; with up to 250 participants. Everyone can be a part of that meeting from their desk and imagine the cost you’ll save on travelling expenses!
You might think that conducting a Virtual meeting is difficult but that’s not the case at all. Features such as

  • screen sharing;
  • presenting desktops;
  • Q&A;
  • Polls;
  • OneNote

all ensure that your meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion, meeting minutes are easily taken down and every body’s input and vote on important matters is taken into account.

While Skype for Business allows for great cost cutting, it also offer huge monumental benefits. Read ‘How Skype for Business c can help improve Communication with clients’! for more Insight and feel free to contact us at https://communicationsquare.com/contact-us/.

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